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translations needed! for a small project

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  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    I can, slowly, help you for the Italian translation. Slowly because I have to check how every thing is in the Italian localization of EE, I am used to original and there are differences, and because at present I am quit busy.
    I think that to post here is better than use PM, because others can eventually correct errors and because is possible that 2 or more people work at the same translation without knowing of each other or that you have still the translation in that language.
  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
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    here we are, for now, I will edit the post adding the things that I have to check.
    If some other users of the Italian localization like to contribute feel free to do it.

    Here are the strings that need translation:

    @10001  = ~^Armor Class:.+$~
    @10002  = ~Armor Class: ~ Classe Armatura
    @10003  = ~Damage Resistance: ~ I must check
    @10004  = ~Dexterity Penalty: -~ I must check
    @10005  = ~Arcane Casting Speed Penalty: +~ I must check
    @10006  = ~Weapon Attack Speed Penalty: +~ I must check
    @10011  = ~dragon~ Drago
    @10012  = ~elven~ elfico or elfica (in Italian grammar there is no neutral gender and the gender of an adjective take the gender of
    the noun, that can be masculine or feminine, so a elven staff is bastone elficO
    and an elven armor is armatura elficA, as a general rule masculine nouns
    and adjectives end in o and feminine in a)
    @10013  = ~elvish~ elfico (M) elfica (F)
    @10014  = ~sylvan~ slivano (M) silvana (F) the armor is "Cotta di Maglia Silvana"
    @10015  = ~bladesinger~ not changed, still bladesinger, the elven mail is "Cotta di Maglia del Bladesinger"
    @10018  = ~robe~ abito
    @10019  = ~cloak~ mantello
    @10021  = ~Stealth, Pick Pockets: -~
    @10022  = ~Open Locks, Set Traps: -~
    @10023  = ~Find Traps, Detect Illusion: -~
    @10030  = ~Armor of Faith Armatura della Fede

    Level: 1 Livello:1
    Sphere: Protection Sfera: Protezione
    Range: 0 I must check
    Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level Durata: 3 round + 1 round/livello
    Casting Time: 1 I must check
    Area of Effect: The caster I must check
    Saving Throw: None I must check

    The caster of this spell receives significant protection against melee and magical attacks. This magical armor-like force surrounds the caster and absorbs a portion of any damage taken. This amounts to an effect 10% boost to damage resistance against all damage types.~
    "Il lanciatore di questo incantesimo riceve una significativa protezione verso gli attacchi di mischia e magici. Questa forza, simile ad una armatura magica, circonda il lanciatore ed assorbe una porzione di ogni danno subito. L'effetto è un incremento del 10% della resistenza al danno contro ogni tipo di danno."
    Edit added a couple of translations

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  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 1,023
    Do you need this to check armor type in other languages? You could just ask Mike1072 for the... IR(?) item library.
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