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Allies and allegiance types

chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
In EA there is the ALLY umbrella type of allegiance. Can anybody explain to me what that includes, please? Specifically whether there is any reason to use ALLY instead of GOODBUTBLUE, for the purposes of controlling or otherwise managing friendly NPC, once you take directly controlled creatures out of the picture? I mean that there are several types of allegiance, permanent or temporary, where you can just click to send a creature wherever you like and use its attacks, spells and potions: CONTROLLED, CHARMED, REALLYCHARMED, FAMILIAR and obviously PC are all in that category. Now, imagine that you had extra controls to move friendly creatures about and issue them orders. Obviously there wouldn't be much point to do that for creatures who are directly obedient already.

So, excluding them from the list of allies, what is left? I don't remember ever seeing GOODBUTRED, unless that is what a friendly creature charmed by an enemy switches to. Everybody else on the list is either a complete neutral or some kind of enemy, except GOODBUTBLUE. Am I right? Also what is EVILBUTGREEN? I know this one still counts as EVILCUTOFF, but can these creatures be moved about? Are there any examples of this in the games?

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