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The mysterious power of the Scrying Pool

In the lower level of the Dwarven Dig Site is the Scrying Pool. With the appropriate items you can view up to 3 visions - the choices are Imoen, Caelar Argent, and The Hooded Man. The ability to view such far away events is impressive, though sensible in the context of the game. After all, Farsight is a 4th level wizard spell with the same effect albeit restricted to your current area.

However, when using the Scrying Pool, its true functionality was revealed by a most unexpected event. While viewing the Caelar Argent vision, Tsolak's messenger spoke with me and delivered the Trollblood Ioun Stone. It would seem that the Scrying Pool actually creates a portal to the far off locations. Imoen and Liia Janaath must simply not have spotted me. Caelar Argent clearly was too distracted by the throng of crusaders to notice my presence (though it is amazing that the messenger could find me so quickly). I would have to assume that the Hooded Man was aware of my presence and used his magic to hide me from Hephernaan. It remains to be seen why he wished for me to witness the meeting.

Or maybe it is just a bug. But that's not very fun.



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