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overwhelmed with mods

so as every ambitious person who jumps into the mods section i found like 20-30 mods i want to install and i've hit a wall starting at the beginning. i am running baldur's gate 2 on steam and i want to do all this clean and in proper order. i have read the tutorials on the big world setup and on modmerge and i am right out to lunch. i would appreciate if someone, after finishing laughing at my ignorance, would give me a step by step on how to install these mods in the correct order. I am not expecting someone to run through all of them in one breathe. i would greatly appreciate if we could go one by one starting with just the big world setup and modmerge. after those two are in place then move on to the rest perhaps along the way i'll see a pattern and be able to implement the rest on my own. i just get really overwhelmed with programming and tutorials and i learn best through verbal interaction and breaking things down.

if someone were willing to go through this from start to finish all the mods below i would be more than willing to gift them one of the $20.00 games as a token of gratitude. (this could take some time depending on how easy all this stuff is i am very green on the topic.) (must have knowledge on what order and how to debug whatever issues come up i understand some mods may not be possible to coexist so deciding how to maximize which mods is also needed.) (payment comes after last mod is successfully installed payment confirmation will be posted as proof of payment to helper) admins i hope im allowed to do this i apologize if this is somehow against the rules.

#1 when trying to install big world setup i give the correct path to my balur.exe but it says that it cannot find the correct path.

#2 when trying to install modmerge i err can't find any executable so i don't really know what to do with it. (yes this is the level of intelligence you are working with)

If someone could explain where i am going wrong with #1 and #2 to start i would greatly appreciate it.

BWS / Big World Setup
Might & Guile
[MOD][BETA] Tome and Blood: More Options for Wizards and Sorcerers
[MOD] Eldritch Magic
The Divine Remix
Song & Silence
Pale Master Kit for Sorcerers
[MOD]Monk Overhaul
Mod ENG BG1:EE / SoA-ToB] Saradas Revisioned Shapeshifter V 1.1
Shapeshifter paw weapon tweak
Wild Mage Additions
SCALES of BALANCE! Post-hac kits and tweaks
[MOD]: Spellcasting in light armor
Experience cap remover and new High Level Ability pools for F/M/C and F/M/T
IWD Divine spells in BGEE, SoD and BG2EE
Unfinished Business
Quest Pack v3.1
Ascension v1.5 BETA
Wheels of Prophecy
BGII:EE - Unofficial Item Pack
[MOD] More Style for Mages: Ranged Staffs, Circlets, Robe Tweaks, Familiar Tweaks (v1.5 released)
[MOD] Golem Construction for Spellcasters
Item Pack (for BG2 can someone verify that it works on EE?)
Weimer's Item Upgrade [in progress]
[MOD] Afaaq, the Djinni Companion

Eilistraee's Song
Tales of the Deep Gardens
Dungeon Crawl
Back to Brynnlaw
The Sellswords
I Shall Never Forget
Adalon's Blood
Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod
Shadows over Soubar (need file change to find the dialog file)
The Undying Mod BG2:EE Compatible
Freedom's Reign/Reign of Virtue Now Enhanced
The White Queen (v4.0) for BG2EE

gee i hope this works you modders are amazing :)


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