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Error when running WeiDU

I seem to be having issues running WeiDU. I wanted to start a new Playthrough with different mods, so instead of Launching the game, I chose Revert (or whatever that option is - can't remember). BUt it did remove all changes and reverted back to the original game. I then copied a new WeiDU with all components and copied over mods that I know do work (I used them before). One example is NPC_EE. When running WeiDU, I get the below error message.

cp: /private/var/folders/md/w0c9z2wx6t77jqxtn9p9qbnr0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/2CA3E0AF-15FA-4A1D-94B3-95FB92C155EE/d/weidu: Read-only file system

I made sure the all components were read/write and this directory does not seem to even exist when I look for it in the terminal. I use a MAC with the latest OS as well as the latest patches with SoD.

For all those MAC users out there, have you run into a similar problem before? When you just removed all Mods and could no longer run WeiDU?


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