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Multiplayer Play Through of Baldur's gate 1 -> 2

At the moment we are doing a multiplayer run of icewind dale, when we are done we want to do a Let's Play of baldurs gate 1 -> dragonspear -> 2 on insane. Since its multiplayer and on insane I want to avoid dual classing. Here's my party idea (keep in mind this will be used for legacy of bhaal when we are done with the insane playthrough as well)

Streaming page
Our first Icewind dale lets play -

1. Dwarven Defender - Having never played one until recently this has become a staple of every party I make now, he will go battle axes/warhammers and use a shield as well (I do not see the point in going sword + board specialization it just doesn't give enough benefit)

2. Human Cavalier - This is pretty much a lock as well, the immunity bonuses and ability to off tank are just too good to pass up. He will go long swords/2 handed swords probably will do bg1 with a shield, and later on in bg2 will go 2 handed

3. Half-Orc Cleric or Half-Elf Ranger/Cleric - This is a early vs. late game debate for me, I feel like the ranger/cleric will be better in bg2 but because of the level cap the cleric would be much better for bg1/dragonspear. I also debated on a Stalker, but you really need a cleric in bg2.

4. Elf Assassin or Half-Orc Swashbuckler or Gnome Illusionist/Thief - Again somewhat of a early vs. late game debate, the assassin would be better in bg1, the swashbuckler in bg2. I am not a big fan of thieves, and if it wasn't for traps I wouldn't have one in the group although I suppose the lay trap ability is great late game.

5. Half-Elf Avenger - This has become one of my favorite classes, it shines much more in icewind dale but still very good in baldurs gate. This will be our buffer/healer and late game damage dealer.

6. Gnome Illusionist or Human Conjurer - This depends on slot 4, if gnome illusionist/thief then will go conjurer.

So really the biggest debate is on what to do with the thief position, has anyone ever done a full playthrough on insane/legacy of bhaal using find traps/knock to unlock chests and to avoid traps?

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