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StorytellerStoryteller Member Posts: 38
edited December 2016 in Troubleshooting
So I'd like to preface this by saying that Enhanced Edition has brought a lot to the Baldur's Gate franchise. I really feel, however, that they took three or four steps back with the way characters path and the AI works now. I've noticed that characters will get locked into stuttering for a whole combat round or longer if they so much as brush up against anything else, sometimes stuck in a permanent loop of stutter until you manually tell them to move elsewhere and THEN attack, banging up against enemies that are right in their face to try and attack an enemy they can't reach. I know you've all experienced this, and if you haven't, take a party as small as three or four into the Low Lantern and you will instantly see.

This DEFINITELY wasn't an issue in the original series. I'm actually surprised BGEE has been out this long, especially with Siege of Dragonspear, and nothing seems to have been done to fix it. So I'm writing this post hoping someone will notice it and get on the issue ASAP with a patch, because it's really cramping my style. I don't know what Beamdog did to my Standard Attack script (my favorite AI) but it used to work perfectly, and now it's atrocious, with characters walking up to the enemy and stuttering for a full combat round by default before they actually attack. This pathing issue has made handling larger parties of 5 or 6 a real pain.

Do fix. Please and thank you.



  • AdaJAdaJ Member Posts: 154
    It happens to the enemies also. My party of mages and clerics massacred gnolls from range due to the stuttering that forced them to approach my party at a crawl. 3 full rounds of missile fire later and it was all over. None of my party moved, no gnolls made it to the party.

  • StorytellerStoryteller Member Posts: 38

    Figured out what it is; the Siege of Dragonspear 'outlines' that were added to the sprites, and possibly also the targeting/selection circle changes. If you flip those back to classic settings, the stuttering is fixed instantly.

  • IncasIncas Member Posts: 38
    I don't play with ugly sprite outlines and still experienced all the pathing problems you mentioned.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,145
    edited December 2016
    Open baldur.lua with a text editor.
    Look for the line that says Path Search Nodes.
    Change the number in that line to 400000.

    I am not sure why it's not enabled by default, because this was an option you could toggle in vanilla.

    Edit: oh wait I should read something more than the title before posting. This won't fix your issue as it's different, but it'll improve how characters get around the map (specially in EE where they go in a straight line one after each other instad of trying to find a new way like in vanilla).

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