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Looking for step by step instructions to install SCS for BG2:EE

HoopleDoopleHoopleDoople Member Posts: 23
edited December 2016 in General Modding
I would like to play BG2EE with the SCS mod, but I'm having an incredibly difficult time trying to install it. There seems to be a bunch of versions and mod compilations, but I can't figure out the correct one let alone how to install it. A few times I thought I finally found what I needed only for the installation to inexplicably fail. For example, I attempted the Big World tool which then asked for the modmerge tool which just errored and messed up my installation (which I fixed by verifying the game cache).

I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide me with or direct me to a set of (accurate and updated) instructions on how to install the SCS mod for BG2EE.

Please note the following:
  1. I am using the steam version of BG2EE
  2. My computer is using the 64 bit version of Windows 7
  3. Applying SCS to BG1EE (including SoD) would be nice but is not required.
  4. SCS is the only mod I am looking to install. The simplest solution to do so is preferred.


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,469
    edited December 2016
    1) Download SCS v30 and put it in your game folder

    2) Download the BWFixPack, put it in your game folder

    3) Run the BWFixPack

    4) Run setup-stratagems.exe

    EDIT - more info:

  • agb1agb1 Member Posts: 249
    Modmerge is only needed for BG1EE. Did you try to run modmerge in your BG2EE game folder? Or did you get an error when running modmerge in your BG1EE folder? If the latter, did you have SoD installed already when you ran modmerge?

    With BiG World Setup, if you selected "BG2EE / Enhanced Edition Trilogy" as the install type and gave it the folder paths for both your BG1EE and BG2EE game directories, BWS will install the Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET), which is a mod for BG2EE that imports all of the content from BG1EE into the BG2EE to create a continuous game from the beginning BG1 through to the end of BG2 (ToB) where you can also revisit areas of the earlier campaigns.

    If you are just trying to install mods for BG2EE, set the BG1EE folder path in BWS to a single hyphen/dash ("-") to tell the tool that you do not want EET.

    If you want to mod BG1EE only, with BWS, make sure you select BG1EE as the install type on the first "game type" selection screen tab in BWS. Click "Back" repeatedly until you get back to that screen if necessary.

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