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[MOD][BETA] The Horde 1.2

yowaveyowave Member Posts: 67
edited December 2016 in General Modding
This mod will tweak the amount of ALL the enemies in the game that are not plot related.
It effects creatures spawned by a script or placed in the map.

Candle Keep rats before:

Candle Keep rats after:

Nashkel Mines before:

Nashkel Mines after (you can guess what happened a few seconds later):

1) Place the zip file in your root Baldur's Gate 1/2 directory (where baldur.exe is), right click and select Extract Here. Then move the zip file to another location.

2) Open your Baldur's Gate 1/2 folder, and double-click 'SETUP-THE_HORDE.exe'. If there is no 'SETUP-THE_HORDE.exe' in this directory, you have extracted it to the wrong place.

3) This mod should be installed last and before generalized biffing.

If you want to uninstall the mod, just double-click again 'SETUP-THE_HORDE.exe' and press 'U' for uninstall.

The mod should work with BG1,BG2,TOB,BG1:EE,BG2:EE,EET.

Steam/GOG SOD dlc:
You can install it after merging SOD with BG1:EE installation.
Can find instructions HERE.


You can find the readme inside THE_HORDE folder.

[Version History]

Version 1.2 - 17/12/2016:
* made CROSS PLATFORM by the power of JAVA - tested on Windows and it works, need feedback from ppl with MAC OS and Linux
* Credits and Acknowledgements - Special thanks to the awesome people from Gibberlings3.
* Added Component - LESS DUPE DROPS - you can choose to restrict item drops from duplicated creatures
* Added Component - NO DUPE XP - you can choose to remove xp for killing duplicated creatures
* Fixed no duplicate on dialogue with null chars, some creatures that had dialogues was duplicated because their cre dialogue had null chars
* Now also duplicating creatures with dialogues that have no actions or triggers, in this case the creature is duplicated but it's dialogue field is deleted (need feedback)
* Restricted install to BG1,BG2,TOB,BG1:EE,BG2:EE,EET

Version 1.1 - 13/12/2016
* Made compatible with WeiDU uninstall

Version 1.0 - 12/12/2016:
* First public release

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