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Pickpocketing in Icewind Dale

Hey everybody!

Just got back to playing the Infinity Engine games again - always a pleasure, but one I have less and less time for lately. Do we have a list of valuable NPC pickpocket targets?

After arriving in Kuldahar, my level 2 party netted some crazy items straightaway--

Amulet of Metaspell Influence (Orrick the Gray)
Ring of Free Action (Orrick the Gray)
Ring of Free Action (Arundel)
Amulet of Missiles (Oswald Fiddlebender)
Various Potions (Oswald Fiddlebender)

Later, in the Wyrm's Tooth Glacier, I acquired a less significant treasure, but one I still thought I would note down for the sake of the completionists among us--

Amulet of Protection +1 (Vera)

I didn't find anything between that early stage in the game and my explorations in the Wyrm's Tooth Glacier. Still progressing, and I will let you know if I find anymore. If not only for that first part of the game and the colossal advantage that the Amulet of Missiles provides against Undead swarms in the Vale of Shadows, I recommend people to keep their pickpocketing options open! Most people tend to dual-class their Thief, I know, but consider giving them two extra levels to bloom if it means you can invest in these early power opportunities.

The Ring of Free Action jackpot that I accidentally struck upon has done wonders for adjusting early game tactics.

So what else did people net unexpectedly in IWD:EE? I feel like I'm forgetting something else that Orrick the Gray provided for me unwittingly through theft. Maybe some scrolls?

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