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Best low-micro/script-based party?

I recently bought IWD:EE and I'm playing it on my tablet during flights, etc. I don't use a mouse, so I was wondering what the lowest-micro, easiest party would be for Insane mode. I played IWD many years ago so I don't really remember much of the story or content.

Ideally, I'd like to have a bard, druid, and paladin for the class-specific content. (How much is there?) Beyond that, I want most of the party to be using script-based autoattack commands so I'm doing as little micro as possible. I really don't want to be doing a lot of tedious buff-stacking on multiple characters. I wouldn't mind microing a single thief or tank but not more than that.

I don't mind EEKeepering illegal class combinations.

Here's what I'm thinking:

1. Skald - zero micro, awesome class at all difficulty levels
2. Archer - almost no micro, awesome class at all difficulty levels

after that, it's less clear..
- F/D of some kind (perhaps Kensai-->Druid using throwing daggers? How early do I have to dual to not miss the druid content? since it's not HoF mode, should I just do a multi F/D?)
- Second bard for zero micro and song stacking (sith+skald)
- Sorcerer on wizard aggressive script, just chain nuking
- Archer (sling)-->cleric dual-class?
- Paladin would be an undead slayer using longbows, switching to melee later, or it could be the main tank I control
- F/M/T as main micro character, perhaps using some interesting thief kit like shadowdancer or bounty hunter
- Other thief option would be an swash or assassin-->dual to fighter, used as a back-row archer. What's the best ranged thief build?
- a second archer for even more ranged, low-micro dps
- half-orc cleric/thief with 19 str and slings

The problem is that I have four slots left and I can't squeeze in both a second archer and a second bard, if I want a druid, paladin, and a thief.

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