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Is it possible to move saves between iPad and Mac?

I am considering buying IWD for both my iPad and Mac with the intention of moving saved games between the devices. I did this with BG1 and BG2 a long time ago, though it became more difficult with iOS 8.3.

1) Does IWD for iPad support the long-press-quicksave for sending the save as an email attachment? If not is there another way to move the save from iPad to Mac (app file sharing, cloud, etc)? IIRC, BG1 supported this, but BG2 was never updated.

2) Can IWD for iPad open an saved game attachment, assuming that I zip it and name it properly? I think both BG1 and BG2 supported this.

3) It looks like both Mac and iPad are version 1.4. If this isn't the case is there any problem with version skew between iPad and Mac?

4) Assuming Mac gets updated to 2.x long before iPad, would this create additional problems for moving saves? If I want to be able to retroactively download 1.4 in the future, where should I buy the Mac game? (AppStore, GOG, Steam, Beamdog)?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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