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Installation SCS (Stratagems) during an ongoing game

ShandooShandoo Member Posts: 51
edited December 2016 in General Modding

I have a question that I have not found a clear answer yet. As i know there are some mods (or components of those) which require starting a new game, and there are some which you can install into an ongoing game, without the need of restart.

So how it is about SCS? I ve started few weeks ago a new game in BG II with fixpack,ub,tweaks and widescreen mods installed, but now i've discovered SCS and i'm really curious about it.

But im not really happy to abandon this playthrouh and start a new one. I've seen in SCS readme that only some components requires "starting a new game".

How is about the mod in general? Does it need to start a new game to work properly ?

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  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,469
    If you're happy with the playthrough, then don't mess with it. Install SCS for the next go-round.

    Or, back up your game folder (the whole thing) and your saves folder, then try to install the mod, and if things get messed up, delete the modded folders and put the backups back in place. WHatever you do, do no install mods mid-game without backing everything up.

  • ShandooShandoo Member Posts: 51
    edited December 2016
    Hey, thanks for respond.

    The thing is last time i played BG2 was few years ago (maybe more...) but i was kind of a bg-maniac then.
    Nowdays im playing and reminding myself some of the stuff i forgot (how spells work etc.) but im afraid at some point i will find the game to easy (and as we know hard and insane are cheat-dificulties, not rly ai imp.)

    That's why i was curious is there an option to install scs into an ongoing game.
    Now its clear for me that i may try (copy game folder before, for backup, as u wrote) and i will see what happens.
    If i will come to that point (ongoing playthrought to easy) i will try it, otherwise i will start a new game after with it.

    Also, is it important that SCS will be installed after all those mods i have? (i mean widescreen mod mostly).
    I havent seen any compatibilty issues with the order, except widescreen readme says "widescreen always last on your mod install order".

  • qwerty123456qwerty123456 Member Posts: 67
    Yes you can try SCS mid-game, most of the stuff should work. It's all right to install after widescreen.

  • ShandooShandoo Member Posts: 51
    edited December 2016

    Yes you can try SCS mid-game, most of the stuff should work.

    Hey, thanks for respond. Nice to see a confirmation. I'm mostly interested in the general AI enhancements (but i'm kinda afraid of smarter mages and pre-buffing), but also i'm curious about some of the tactical challenges (only bg2).

    What's weird for me is that even if u dont choose some of the spell tweaks, the AI still will think those are installed. It kinda forces you to install all of those spell tweaks.

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