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No Race Restrictions Mod version 1.01 for Baldur's Gate 2 (or BG1) Enhanced Edition 2.0 and later

BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 349
edited January 2017 in BGII:EE Mods
Hello all,
I just completed a mod that removes all race restrictions for classes. So you can be any class with any race. It also adds the missing animations (halfling mages, and non-human monks) using the cleric animations for each race.

The latest version of the mod is attached to this thread. To install it just copy the files into the game directory (whatever folder has the chitin.key) and then open the installer.

For example I downloaded BG1:EE directly off of Beamdog and I find the chitin.key file in C: ProgramFiles (x86)/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition/Data/00766/

I downloaded BG2:EE directly off of (not using Gog galaxy) and I find its chitin.key file in C: Gog Games/Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition/

I'm hoping this mod is compatible with any mod installed before it as it only overwrites files to allow more things (more class choices) and then it creates new kit and animation files.

Specifically this mod overwrites CLSRCREQ.2DA to allow all races to be all classes. Then it overwrites MGSRCREQ.2DA to allow all races to be all mage kits. Then it overwrites the kit files for mages for each non-human race to allow them to be all kit types: K_M_D.2DA, K_M_E.2DA, K_M_G.2DA, K_M_HE.2DA, K_M_HL.2DA, and K_M_HO.2DA.

I also overwrote ABCLASRQ.2DA to lower the minimum Charisma needed to create Paladins to 16 so that way you can make dwarven Paladins.

Then it creates the following new files:
New Monk kit files for each missing race: K_MN_D.2DA, K_MN_E.2DA, K_MN_G.2DA, K_MN_HE.2DA, K_MN_HL.2DA, and K_MN_HO.2DA.
New Shaman kit files for the missing races: K_SH_D.2DA, K_SH_E.2DA, K_SH_G.2DA, K_SH_HL.2DA
New halfling mage animation files (using cleric animations): 6203.INI and 6213.INI
New monk animation files for each non-human race. Males: 6501.INI, 6502.INI, 6503.INI, 6504.INI, and 6505.INI
Monk females: 6511.INI, 6512.INI, 6513.INI, 6514.INI, 6515.INI.

Lastly this mod is unfortunately not compatible with any Baldur's Gate (or BG2) older than Enhanced Edition 2.0 because only enhanced edition 2.0 and later has INI files. On older versions my new INI files crash the game. However, if you're not playing a halfling magic-user or a non-human monk you could just delete the INI files before you install it and it would probably still work on the older versions of the game (maybe even pre-EE, I don't know).

I hope you enjoy it. I made it for me, but I'm hoping others find it useful as well. If you notice any bugs or anything not working please let me know what's broken and I'll try to fix it.

Changes for 1.01
Now allows you to make non-dwarven dwarven defenders.

Also lowers the minimum Charisma needed to make Paladins to 16 so you can make dwarven Paladins.

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