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[MOD] IWD GUI for BG2:EE and BG:EE v1.2

trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
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i made this since i don't like original or enhanced gui design in bg games (like, at all), but think iwd:ee had quite a nice look to it. take a look at the screenshots and see for yourself if you like it.

installation- download link to .rar files is at the bottom of this post (ignore the extra screenshot images). download TWO parts and unrar them. copy the content of the unrared folder into "override" folder in your bg2:ee installation folder.
that's it.

to uninstall, simply delete all the files you've copied. (fastest way to uninstall would be to make a backup of your override folder before installing the mod and simply replace override folder with backup version)

two warnings-

1. mod was made for 1920x1080 display with "scale UI" turned off in graphical settings. weird things could happen if you use this mod scaled or with different resolutions, but it might work for you, i don't know.

2. since UI is not scaled, i tried to compensate for microscopic small portraits by enlarging portraits in sidebar and conversations. in order for this to work, you have to install high-res-portraits mod found here :

let me know if the mod worked for you and if you like it! :)

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  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @subtledoctor thanks for the comment! there is a small chance the mod will work on your resolution so i encourage you to try anyway, you can easily delete it if bad stuff happens (i suspect there will be some vertical cutting in places, but probably nothing bad. unfortunately i have no idea what will happen to the button placement :/ )

    in other news, i've updated the mod a bit, world map was not properly centered.

    @elminster thanks for the promote! :)
  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,178
    Nice work!

    it's a shame these mods enabled by the 2.0+ UI are so resolution-dependent. (I mean what decade is it??) This probably won't work well on my 1440x900 laptop, nor on an iPad... :(

    They don't have to be, but if you want to take advantage of higher resolutions, it's a lot simpler and faster to make the mod for a specific resolution, than multi-resolution or scaled (both methods are somewhat possible, though at least spell and item icons would never scale). And even one resolution takes a lot of time and effort.
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  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @Pecca thanks! :)

    and yeah, i hope 2.4 wont broke all the mods terribly :pensive:

    anyway, i completely forgot to edit chapter screens, so i added another file to OP, containing the missing files. enjoy!
  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300
    @trinit , I'm a huge fan of GUI mods and yours works beautifully. Thank you!
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @DJKajuru thank you! happy you enjoy it! :)
  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300
    edited January 2017

    Guys, I have tested it on BG1 and it seems to work just fine . Since the opening menu (with the game+expansions) is BG2's I have done a bit of a custom work on it and @trinit authorized me to post it here.

    To use it you have to
    1- intall trinit's mod
    2-Download the image above from

    3-Save it on the override folder

    NOTE: Its only flaw might be the fact that I don't know how to delete Black Pit's II icon+ glow on selection . @trinit , could you help me on that?

    Edit: A little correction on the picture and the link .

    Also, the Sarevok art I used was made by this guy:

    The other illustrations are Beamdog's SoD and Black Pit's official artwork.
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  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    edited January 2017
    @DJKajuru great news and great contribution! i've updated threads title and OP with info on bg:ee compatibility! :)

    as for the black pits glow i think it's one of the bam files... i'll check it when i catch some time!
  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    @trinit - While looking at providing support for your GUI in EEUITweaks, I encountered a bit of a problem. I can't find a way to reliably determine (within WeiDU code) that your mod has been installed. This determination is, of course, critical to determining which EEUITweaks mods can be installed and in many cases what platform-specific tweaks need to be performed for a mod.

    For WeiDU installed GUIs, this is never a problem - WeiDU.log keeps track of installed mods. For non-WeiDU GUIs, I normally look for the existence of a file in the override directory whose name is unique to the particular GUI. For example, with Kilivitz's GUI I look for 'M_CKUI.LUA'. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, all of your GUI's override filenames are based on game-defined resource names - which means they can/will collide with other mods.

    The request - Would you mind either pointing out my infinite fallibility :smile: and tell me the name of one of your unique filenames that I've overlooked; or add a (zero length is fine) uniquely named file to your package?

    One last thing - What name would you like me to use for your GUI? My current 'working name' is 'trinit's IWD BG2EE/SoD GUI with DJKajuru's Enhancement'. However, its your call.

  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @AncientCowboy you are correct, none of the files are unique, they are all a replacement for the existing ones. would simply adding one uniquely named, blank png file do the trick?

    for the name, i would suggest this: "trinit's IWD GUI for BG2EE/SoD with DJKajuru's Enhancement"

    i think that way it's more clear that gui is iwd-themed FOR bg2 and not the other way around.
  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    @trinit - A blank png/lua/whatever will work - doesn't really matter as long as the name doesn't annoy the OS. Just have it copied into the override directory.
    As for the name - You've got it! (Sounds better than my working title).
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @AncientCowboy for some reason i can't remove and reupload part3 zip file from the OP :/

    I'm attaching part3 here then, with the new file added. it's guiweidufile.png
    i hope this works?
  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    That should do it - thanks! BTW - I've found that with EEUITweaks it works best to edit the OP (adding a 'Updating - come back later' message) and delete the file; exit the editing session; and then come back and edit again and attach the new version of the file (and delete the Updating message). The forum software is a bit picky about uploads...
  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300
    @trinit , I've got an errata to add: it doesn't work on SoD
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @DJKajuru that's too bad :/

    @AncientCowboy i think it would be best if you rename the mod, turning SOD into BG:EE, so the name reflects the games the mod is compatible with.
  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    @trinit - No problem.
  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    @trinit - I'm currently working on porting EEUITweaks to your UI installed on BG2 (the 00783 directory/folder) with no issues. However, I realize I'm a bit confused about the 'BG:EE' support. Are you referring to the 'Vanilla' BG1EE installation (the 00766 directory) or do you mean only launching 'Baldur's Gate' (via @DJKajuru 's startup screen) from the BG1EE/SoD (00806) directory?
  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300
    @AncientCowboy I have tested it on BGEE with SoD installed game.
  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    @DJKajuru - Okay, thanks!
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @AncientCowboy today i managed to update the OP with the new rar file if that hekps you :)

    @DJKajuru thanks for testing and clarifying! :)
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    there was a bug where opening containers in stores was not aligned properly. please download the ui.rar file in the OP, unzip it and replace the old file in override folder.

    MANY thanks to @AncientCowboy for discovering this bug! :)
  • cbarchukcbarchuk Member Posts: 322
    Will this mod also work for BG ee?
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    @cbarchuk it should work on bg:ee also yes. however, only for versions up to 2.3. Update 2.5 switched some things around, i think i will have to update this mod, but you can try it out anyway, it could work... :P
  • MadrictMadrict Member Posts: 141
    Will this work for EET?
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705

    i'm not sure. my gui mods have yet to be updated for 2.5 version, so i don't think they will work.
  • Allanon81Allanon81 Member Posts: 330
    Will this work on mobile v1.3? I noticed the files were mostly .PNG files. So just want to make sure.
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    updated the mod to v1.2- fixed a long standing bug with scrolling graphics. should be okay now
  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 705
    edited June 2020
    and to respond to the Allanon 81 (though very late), this mod should work fine on android as long as your resolution is 1920x1080.

    if it's not, i recommend you download this mod on pc/mac, set the resolution to match that of your phone, start the game. chaeck there are no weird glitches or cuttoffs and then manually correct all alignments with UI editing mode enabled (look up the instructions in the forum). all changes are saved in file of the game automatically in the override folder.

    when happy with the changes, copy the file from override into the mod folder and then copy all of the files to your phone override. that's it. it can be tedious aligning the elements of UI but it's a workable solution if you want to use this mod but cannot play in 1920x 1080 resolution.

    same process applies to pc/linux/mac but you will obviously skip copying the file anywhere
  • BaptorBaptor Member Posts: 341
    @trinit Love this mod. However I've noticed a problem with the text box in the center of the screen. It does not properly track with what's being said or the combat log as it happens. When you start it's just off in the middle somewhere and you have to manually scroll to the bottom every time you want to see what happened.
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