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[MOD] Druid Grove Makeover

UlbUlb Member Posts: 295
edited September 2018 in BGII:EE Mods
This mod aims to improve the visual art of the druid grove outdoor area.

To me this area has always been a huge disappointment.

When you think ''druid grove'' you usually imagine some enchanted mythical forest and a few monoliths or rune stones. Instead of all that BG2 delivered a barren, swampy wasteland covered in orange dirt and a druid grove that looks more like a futuristic nuclear bomb shelter than anything else.

My goal was to only edit the actual area art and not touch anything else (lighting and pathing). Because of this, the lower part of the area has only been slightly modified as there are simply too many dead tree polygons to make any significant changes and still keep the area in line with the underlying .wed file.

Here is a short overview of what has been changed:

Lower part of the map:

-added some ground vegetation and adjusted coloring in some parts to make the ground look less like plain orange dirt and make the whole area look more alive.

Upper part of the map:

-changed the ground to a healthy, grass covered floor
-added trees to the upper map border to make the area look like it is bordering on a (slightly) higher altitude forest
-reworked druid grove exterior to look like a natural cave entrance (which is inline with the vanilla druid grove interior area art)
-changed the ground around the stone circle in front of the druid grove to look more natural

Here a side by side comparison between the original and the edited druid grove exterior.
imgur link

And here is a screenshot of the full map.
imgur link


The mod should be compatible with all mods that do not alter the area files of the druid grove area (ar1900) and comes with a legacy .tis file (untested) for the classic BG2 game and a new PVRZ .tis file for BG2EE/EET.

Currently there is only one known conflict: If G3's BG2Fixpack is installed/to be installed then Druid Grove Makeover needs to be installed AFTER BG2Fixpack to work properly.


You can install/uninstall this mod at any time and there is no need to start a new game for the changes to take effect.


Many thanks to Argent77 for his work on NearInfinity and his advice on coding.

The mod can be found here.

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