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[Kickstarter] Pixel Princess Blitz: Sandbox Roguelike Action RPG [Funded]

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Stumbled across this little gem when I checked out kickstarter today and I simply fell in love with Pixel Princess Blitz. Given that it boasts of things which I love about games! Sandbox? Check! Roguelike dungeons? Check! Simulation elements? Check! Both turn-based and real time gameplay? Check! Romances? Check! Pixels? Check! Dynamic story with multible endings? Check! Random encounters which are decided via dice rolls? Check! Cuteness is justice? Check, check and check! :3

Pixel Princess Blitz needs to make €77,700 'till the campaign ends on the 9th Februrary. But seeing that it already surpassed €12,000 on its very first day, I believe there's no doubt that Lanze Games (the creators) will get their game funded. And with a couple of stretch goals secured to boot as well. :)

Pixel Princess Blitz got funded! :-)
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    Very nice art... Sadly, I really do hate chibi, so most of the games like that pass over my head unnoticed *wistfully waits for Live2D Euclid release*
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    So the first campaign day came to an end for Pixel Princess Blitz, exceeding a huge amount of €12,000 thanks to 251 backers! As expected from such a lovely piece of art! It can only be a matter of time until this campaign reaches its funding goal. :)

    In other news, it may interest some people to know that Lanze Games aims for Pixel Princess Blitz to be a very long game indeed. When I asked, game designer Hepari commented the following:

    @Kamigoroshi : I want to keep each playthrough long enough to feel like an epic journey, but not too long that you are worn out. Each playthrough can develop in different ways depending on which sectors you take on and with whom you interact.

    I'm really aiming for a very long game that you just can't get enough of, and even a normal gamer not crazy about getting every achievement and unlockable should get 100 hours out of it.

    It's not just an estimate, but the goal I'm reaching for. That's why I'm asking for a minimum of 77000! I want to populate the world with enough enemies, bosses, dungeons and story elements including quests and events that once you've beat it 100%, you just want to erase your profile and start anew.

    I hope this answer was good enough for you!


    First kickstarter update was puplished:

    This is a quick update to tell you how grateful I am for your early support.

    Thanks to you, we have made it to #1 on the popularity rank of games category, and I really wish that we could keep that pace up.I've been answering calls and talking to supporters and other people today, so I barely caught a break. But I'll get back here after sleep, and start working on the 'micro goals'.

    These are like stretch goals before we hit the goal, and it's to ask you spread words more and wider while I improve the project and rewards.

    A few examples:
    • "If our campaign is shared on twitter 100 times, a 4-page comic is added to the OST booklet!"
    • "If we reach 2000 backers, the soundtrack gets additional 16-bit remix tracks!"
    I hope we can come up with good rewards and improvements, and I hope that we can turn this campaign into a party together! :D
    Thank you again.

    One last question: Would you be interested in seeing more of these types of comics?

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    Second kickstarter update of Pixel Princess Blitz is out with all new rewards and mini stretch goals. =)

    Micro goals, Add-ons and New Rewards

    Thank you for your ongoing support, everyone! Here is a small update on what I've been up to these 2 days, and what changes are coming up.


    First of all, add-ons! I've just added a few basic add-ons, mainly so that you can get additional copies of the game with the 40% discount. I'm sure your friends and kids might love to get their hands on them!

    Micro Goals

    I've been working on these nice panels to show you the progress of the community effort around Pixel Princess Blitz.

    By achieving these goals and gathering gems, you will unlock additional rewards which I will list here. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the rewards, especially if they are attractive enough or not. I can accept feedback and adjust the rewards!
    There are 36 gems to collect for you.
    • 6 gems: 16-bit remix soundtrack is added to the OST, and we reveal one of the remix tracks.
    • 12 gems: I will draw a comic booklet which will be added to all pledge tiers. (First page will be revealed in the updates when it's done)
    • 18 gems: I will draw a new big illustration for Pixel Princess Blitz, record the progress, speed it up, and share it with you. The illust will also be added to the reward 'HD wallpapers'.
    • 24 gems: ???
    There could be more, but these are it for now. I'd love to hear what you think about these. The most important thing is that they are enough to motivate you to actively share the campaign with the people around you or the gaming community you may be a part of. I find myself overwhelmed by just replying to many inquiries, messages and comments (for which I'm always grateful), and a little help from each backer would help me just as much as a thousand pledges.

    New Rewards

    I've been already planning to add new reward tiers even before the highest tier of 1000 USD was sold out, and I want to introduce them here before I go with them. Feedback is always welcome!

    Reward 1 : Design your Unique Items

    It will be priced at 700 USD. This reward is also included in the highest tier!
    Design two items for which you can customize the following things:
    • The type of the item: It can be a weapon, shield, armor, accessory among other things.
    • The name of the original owner: It can be your own name, your pet's name, whatever is possible.
    • The item's lore: What can the player find out about the item upon identifying it?
    • Example: "Sword of Pumpkins : The great adventurer Jack wielded this sword when he slayed a horde of possessed, man-eating pumpkins."
    • The item's ability: Our game is a bit like Diablo, and equipment items can have different stats, qualities and enchantments. We will work with you to customize it to your liking without making it an OP item.

    Reward 2 : Design a monster

    Priced at 1000 USD.

    Come up with the idea of a regular monster the player can encounter in the game, and give us a rough idea of what it may be capable of, or how it would behave in the combat. We will build the design around your idea and stay true to it as much as possible.
    • You will receive any digital sketches in their original size during this process (and we can reveal them in our digital books.)

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    Third kickstarter update is here, sounds like Lanze Games works tirelessly to make this campagin a reality. One can really appreciate their passion on the matter at hand. :)

    Oh, and the current backer count is 654, who all have chipped in €26,593! That's already 34% of the funding goal! Not bad for the first three-and-a-half days, I'd say.

    Now Added: Micro Goals, Add-ons and New Rewards

    Hello, everyone! I hope you are enjoying Saturday. I, for one, was working tirelessly to update the campaign with new elements to motivate you to pledge more, get active and share the news of our Kickstarter on social media and other websites.

    Micro Goals

    I hope you will take a few minutes to help us with reaching the funding goal as fast as possible, so we can hopefully offer you some meaningful stretch goals.

    The easiest ones are retweeting, following, facebook sharing and trailer sharing. Just imagine what an impact we could make if every one of us contributed to those micro goals. We could achieve so much together!


    Now it's finally possible for you to add more copies of Pixel Princess Blitz to your shopping cart. Just look at the chart, see what you like, and increase your pledge accordingly! Don't forget - You are getting a hefty discount of 40% on each copy of Pixel Princess Blitz, and your friends will certainly appreciate it even if you'd sell them those copies while retaining some margin :D

    New Rewards

    Now, the new rewards I've mentioned are online. You can choose between putting your design into a unique item of your choice (You can also choose the type of the item!), and designing a monster that other players will have to fight. Be creative, but also be mindful of workload! We won't be able to produce a monster with a hundred different moving parts. It's a designer's job to stay creative, but also realistic.

    Thank you for reading, I sincerely wish that this update can motivate you and more potential backers to pull together even stronger!

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    Kickstarter update #4: Lanze Games has now long time plans for PPB to appear on the Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PS4 and PSVita in addition to the initially targeted PC, Mac and Linux builds.

    About Console Ports!

    Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I'm doing. It's still Sunday! And in the USA, it's still Saturday... I envy you guys :D

    Ok, pleasantries aside, I have another important announcement to make. This time, it's about bringing the game to consoles and handhelds, such as PS4 and PS Vita. I've been getting many inquiries regarding this theme. Many wanted to know whether I'm gonna put 'console releases' on stretch goal or not. After much deliberation, here is our announcement.

    Console ports

    Unity promotes that a PS4 build is only one click away, but preparing a game for optimal performance on different devices requires work. So I think it won't be that easy.

    Also, taking care of different builds for different devices is not healthy for a game project, especially when it's being developed by a small indie team. We will have our hands full just adding core contents, tweaking the gameplay and fixing bugs.

    For that reason, we'd only be start working on a console port when PPB reaches a state you would call 'finished'. This, again, means that those who might pledge and order a copy of the game for device of their choice, would have to wait until we reach that milestone.

    I think it's not right to officially announce 'console releases' and urge you to throw money at us while being aware of this 'delay', even if it means less pledges for us.

    So, I can only say this:
    If you really believe in our project, and if you are okay with waiting over many years until it's released on console, then please, feel free to pledge. I'd be very grateful.
    (You can leave a note in our survey that you want a copy for the console of your choice.)
    • We offer the game for the same discounted price: 14 EUR (15 USD) per copy.
    • You can pledge on any tier for a copy of the game to receive the same rewards as the PC backers, except for the closed beta, of course.
    • For now, the consoles we're considering are: Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita.
    • We are also considering a partnership with a distributor such as Limited Run Games to make physical copies ready, but this is something to be decided upon in the far future, and we can't promise anything in that regard.

    Aaand here's PPB's #5 update to round things up. :smiley:

    Update #5: 1 more gem unlocked, additional combat GIF

    Hello, everyone! Enjoying your Sunday? Make every second of it count - Monday is approaching rapidly... Wooh, stop throwing things at me!

    Yes, I agree that was unnecessary. But I also bring you some good news:

    We've just hit 600 retweets on our main KS announcement tweet, so you have unlocked an additional gem.

    Only 2 more to go, then you'll get retro remixes to double the value of our OST!
    And what happens when we have 12 gems? Yes, you'll all get a small comic booklet for your enjoyment. I know you'll like it.

    So please, share the news about our Kickstarter campaign. If only each one of you would write about this campaign on your favorite social media, it would make a huge wave.

    By the way, in case you haven't noticed - I've added one more GIF with combat footages to the 'COMBAT' section on the main page, since people wanted to know if different weapons lead to totally different types of gameplay.

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    First micro stretch goal has been reached, meaning that there will be additional retro mix variants of all songs added to the OST. Have a taste of the demo main theme song in 16-Bit: Click Me!

    On another note, Pixel Princess Blitz has reached 53% of its asked funding goal within just a week. Still 21 days to go. :)
  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,870
    Pixel Princess Blitz is at 91% now. Meaning it takes only €5,524 more for Lanze Games to get their campaign funded! :D

    There are still 8 days left to back this adorable, seriously long adventure of Kuruna (the female protagonist).
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