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HOF Experience questions

I want to start a HOF playthrough from level one with a few dual and multiclass powergaming (fighter 13 -> mage, fighter 13 -> cleric) but I was wondering if you actually can get enough experience to cap out at 30 doing the duals or if its simply not worth it


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,526
    hahahhhaha, its definitely worth it, I believe in IWD before you even hit HOW on heart of fury mode, I get around 2.5 million XP for each character? ( maybe its around 2.2 million, forget how much) but you will definitely hit at least 2 million, plus it will be very very useful for HOW, infact that last play through I had I grinded quite a bit ( because I did the same thing, started at level 1 on HoF mode) and the time I got to the marileth I hit level 13/14 for my fighters

    one thing I would suggest as well, if you do the fighter-> to mage combo, is be a kensai skilled with axes and then dual over to mage, one thing you are going to notice is the gratuitous amounts of ammunition you are going to need to take out enemies, and there is a +2 returning throwing axe that you can pick up in chapter 2 that a kensai can use, so then you can dish out some killer damage from afar

  • DairyProductsDairyProducts Member Posts: 3
    IWDEE doesn't have the same type of experience cap as BG, if I recall correctly. You can get up to level 30 and then you stop progressing, so there won't be any problems with the example you provided. Whether you're a single, dual, or multiclass, you keep gaining levels until you hit 30. If you're zany enough to do enough playthroughs, a multiclass character is best, since you can become a F(30)/M(30)/C(30). I have done the 5 F/M/C and 1 F/M/T party. It's bonkers-overpowered.

  • therdretherdre Member Posts: 79
    edited January 2017
    I didn't think to go Kensai with throwing axes that sounds better than longbows

    And yes I know the cap is 30, I just wanted to make sure if I did the level 13 fighter duals that there would be enough experience left in the game to get to hit 30 with my second class after dualing

  • HudzyHudzy Member Posts: 288
    When I last played IWD with HoF, I started the expansion after the Severed Hand area, and my bard and paladin were level 30 before I returned to the main game. I think you would comfortably hit 30 on a 13/x dual class before finishing.

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