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Multiplayer: New game, who wants to join?

I am looking for 1-5 people interested in starting up a multiplayer game of Baldur's Gate, and however far through the series we manage to get.

Although I have been playing Baldur's Gate off and on since it first came out, this would be my first attempt at multiplayer. If anything, I am interested to see how others play through the game. I am sure there are some etiquette conventions that someone will need to tell me (how loot is shared among players, if auto-pause is used or not, etc).

I have gone through BG, TotSC, BG2, and ToB many times over the years. So many times that I could recite much of it from memory. I am currently working my way through Siege of Dragonspear for the first time, however, as part of a run from the beginning of the series to the end. This particular run is using the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. I currently have zero mods installed, although I am putting together a list of mods that I plan to install later. I am sure that is something to coordinate with whoever joins.

I am usually available on weekdays before 2pm and after 9pm, Saturday after 7pm, and all day Sunday (Pacific time).


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