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Multiplayer: New game, who wants to join?

I am looking for 1-5 people interested in starting up a multiplayer game of Baldur's Gate, and however far through the series we manage to get.

Although I have been playing Baldur's Gate off and on since it first came out, this would be my first attempt at multiplayer. If anything, I am interested to see how others play through the game. I am sure there are some etiquette conventions that someone will need to tell me (how loot is shared among players, if auto-pause is used or not, etc).

I have gone through BG, TotSC, BG2, and ToB many times over the years. So many times that I could recite much of it from memory. I am currently working my way through Siege of Dragonspear for the first time, however, as part of a run from the beginning of the series to the end. This particular run is using the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. I currently have zero mods installed, although I am putting together a list of mods that I plan to install later. I am sure that is something to coordinate with whoever joins.

I am usually available on weekdays before 2pm and after 9pm, Saturday after 7pm, and all day Sunday (Pacific time).


  • therdretherdre Member Posts: 48
    I'd be interested in a full bg1 - bg2 runthrough on LOB, add me on steam (therdre). As far as mods go for multiplayer from what I've heard they don't seem to work too well
  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 146
    Interested too. I'm Opimica on Steam.
  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 146
    I'm looking for players committed to a playing schedule we agree upon beforehand.
  • SangreDeMuertosSangreDeMuertos Member Posts: 4
    If we can find a schedule that works, I am good to go. Both of you mentioned Steam. I don't have a Steam account, and didn't get BG through Steam, obviously. Are the versions compatible? Windows and Apple versions don't seem to be, unless that has changed since whatever post I read.

    From what I am reading on this forum, multiplayer can be very difficult to set up. I don't remember it being that difficult in the past (LAN games, anyway). Can't you just create and join games with the multiplayer option in game? I did get a message about frame rates not matching between host and client when I tried to join one game. If that is something I will need to adjust (I think it said I was at 30), how do I adjust it?
  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 146
    Steam is useful but not necessary. I have both versions - Steam and Mac App Store. I believe cross-platform is possible.
  • SangreDeMuertosSangreDeMuertos Member Posts: 4
    I am still interested in giving this a try. The version I have is from Beamdog directly as far as I know (basically same site as this forum, with no intermediates or go betweens), and I am using Windows.

    I will continue to check for replies throughout today, and will continue to check periodically throughout this week. I would like to get this going by this weekend if possible.
  • ZagaciousZagacious Member Posts: 2
    edited February 10
    Hey, I recently got back into Baldur's gate after many years and I desperately want to try out multiplayer. I prefer to have some characters in the back, pref (Mage/thief, Cleric/Illusionist, or fighter/thief), but I'm really willing to fill any roles. In my opinion 3 people with 2 characters each would be best, but 6 players would be really fun too. Anytime after 7PM is usually good for me (central time, 8pm for you on east coast I believe)
    Post edited by Zagacious on
  • ZagaciousZagacious Member Posts: 2
    edited February 10
    Zagacious said:

    Hey, I recently got back into Baldur's gate after many years and I desperately want to try out multiplayer....

    If you guys wanna add me on Steam also mine is ezjm ( I already added Opimica and therdre) I didn't download baldur's gate from Steam but I joined a couple and see multiplayer is working, or email me
    Post edited by Zagacious on
  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 146
    @Zagacious I got your Steam invite, but can't play this week-end. Would love to start a playthrough in the next few days.
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