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Why haven't the stores been fully revamped?

so I was looking at the stores using NI for the original BG1 and I saw a lot of surprising things;

feldpost's inn apparently sells a helmet of charm protection,

the naskiel carnival apparently had more vendors selling more things,

temples were selling scrolls of raise dead and cure critical wounds

ulgoth's beard sold many more spell scrolls ( like polymorph other, animate dead etc)

and a few shops looked like they got upgraded throughout the game? ( Bentley's shop, taerom's shop etc)

lucky allo sells the studded leather +2 missile attraction

so with that being said, why hasn't all that been restored in the EE's? I've noticed the EE's have fixed many problems in bg that were supposed to be implemented but never were, so why did the stores get the short end of the stick?

( apologies if this has been asked before)



  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 331
    edited September 10
    Hey it’s resurrection time! :)

    I’d really like to see some of these implemented, especially the helm of charm protection and the missile attraction armour being available in the shops mentioned. The reason is that the helm can only otherwise be obtained via poisoning the ghost knights (which is very hard to do) and the armour is actually very useful in melee and can be exported in parties finishing BG1 into BG2 onto Ilyich where it is the best armour of choice (at least in melee) for druids and thieves for a shirt while. This would make it an ideal item to have in Irenicus’ dungeon for some parties.

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  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 128
    @sarevok57 some of this content is restored to the game via unfinished business mod (UB). The only things I'm not sure about which may be in UB regardless, are the studded leather at Luckys and extra Nashkel carnival vendors. There are no mid-game store upgrades for Bentley or Taerom as far as I know, but it may allude to a mechanic for non-contaminated iron items becoming available. I think UB may in fact have had something for that before 2.5 patch and it may actually be part of the base EE game since 2.5.

    I suggest checking the readme for UB mod to clear it all up. I have only played the EEs with UB installed so its hard to remember which parts the mod added in, they are always there in my games.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 262
    The cursed studded leather is available with UB. "Quality" items that don't break are available after returning a mysterious vial to Taerom, in version 2.5 of BGEE without mods. There are a couple of merchants standing around outside in the Naskel carnival area with UB; one of them sells things.
    Dharius wrote: »
    ... and the armour is actually very useful in melee and can be exported in parties finishing BG1 into BG2 onto Ilyich where it is the best armour of choice (at least in melee) for druids and thieves for some time.
    Not that long; an uncursed +2 studded leather is available from Captain Haegan, in what might well be a day 1 quest.

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 331
    edited September 6
    @jmerry true you can find uncursed versions of this armour in Athkatla, but none of the armours available from Ilyich are useful for that long anyway. Perhaps the chainmail+3 for a while but even then there are soon better options from outside the dungeon. The missile attraction armour would have some use in Irenicus’ dungeon for stealthy types, and including it in BGEE would justify having it as an importable option in BG2 ( as it always has been) in the first place.

    Having said all that the armour is also useful in BG1, because better versions are more expensive (shadow) or better hidden (Telbar’s). You just have to be careful around archers....

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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 262
    If I care about getting a decent armor from Ilyich, it'll be the +1 plate mail. That tends to last a few days, until my heavy armor users start picking up full plate. Other than that, it's weird niche options. For example, if I ever get around to playing that no-spell bard, he'll be using the +3 chain all the way until Spellhold and the Jester's Chain.

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 331
    edited September 8
    That chainmail’s good for barbarians though, and characters with lower strengths, like Viconia. And there’s loads of plate +1 in Athkatla, it’s practically wall-to-wall plate+1 (and full plate) out there :)

    I think we're digressing a bit from the OP though, so I'll say again I think that these changes should be implemented :)

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