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BG1EE vs BG2EE what are the differences gameplay wise (exccluding story)

I know i know... another guy asking this question :)
So as the title says how they differ gameplay wise? which has better AI, monsters' design, more diverse itemisation, areas' design etc.
For example i like when games give me options for build diversity in classes/characters. Either via items, skills or whatever.
I also like more realistic approach to games.
Then comes mods that probably add everything that lets say that BG1EE could be missing? sooo, why play BG1EE and not go straight to BG2EE? (excluding the storyline!). Is the storyline the only thing that really differentiates them?
Plz as honest as it gets!
Thank you!


  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 729
    One of the very points of the enhanced editions is to normalize and keep things consistent between the titles. I am not sure what you're asking for.

  • JumboWheat01JumboWheat01 Member Posts: 1,028
    Another thing of note is that BG1 has quite a few "paired party members," which, unless you get one killed, you can't have one without the other. While this doesn't normally faze people, I do hate how I can't have Minsc (who I love,) without Dyna (who's specialization I dislike.)

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,328
    edited February 2017
    Bg2 is richer in strategy, because you have higher levels, higher lvl spells, top tier items, and different enemy types with diverse and lethal powers.

    Bg1 is simpler, for example the difference between a gnoll and an ogre is minimal and superficial. A good tank and/or sleep spell will ko both. In bg2, facing a vampire, umber hulk, mind flayer, beholder, lich, dragon etc. they all require different methods and strategies to survive. In general you need to rely on magic a lot more in bg2. A perfectly rolled fighter can steamroll bg1 with some healing potions. In bg2 the fighter needs ample magical protection (items or spells) to survive, and some spells are mandatory for battles to defeat high level mage enemies, of which there are plenty in bg2. And I mean HIGH level, Davaeorn or even Semaj are rank ameteurs when compared to the mage enemies in bg2.

    Nowadays I start purely in bg2. BG1 is a very good game, it is worth a playthrough, or two, or three, no doubt, but I always keep coming back for more bg2.

  • AtarbAtarb Member Posts: 15
    BG1 has lots of open areas to explore, which gives it know...RPG feel. BG2 is downsized and streamlined so that they could focus all their creative beams on a few bigger quests.

    In BG1 you can get Daryl and Daryl's autograph. This would never happen in BG2.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 1,796
    Freedom and realism, that's the big difference of BG to BG2.

    The game starts with you at level 1 and reflects completely what that actually means, anything can kill you. Now you are free to be an idiot/unlucky and get killed, but you also have the freedom to work your way around that happening.
    How you approach the game is up to the player, will you learn from your mistakes or will you give up.

    The main plot is secondary in early BG, just staying alive is challenging. Just like it would be in real life. And although there is less variation in areas/monsters/items, the variety is provided by not actually being able to kill much straightforwardly so you have to vary the approach depending on encounter.

    So for instance, one group of Hobglobins might look much the same as another, but you will find that one group has far more ability to poison you or adds an ogre. So the previous straightforward fight becomes much more complicated. Have you got enough antidotes/slow poison, can you get to poisoned NPC's quick enough to cure them, can you keep out of the way of the ogre ect.

    Both BG and BG2 have "sweet spots" where the level you have reached perfectly matches the encounters you have to face. And at those "sweet spots", they can beat each other in terms of rewarding gameplay.

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