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For this Charlie's Angels Party?...

I have a 6 person party I just started, but I also want to roll with a three female party (no shorties or orcs, but human/elf/half-elf is cool.) This isn't intended to necessarily be an all out power-gamer party but I also don't want to feel overly frustrated. (Core rules, so it's probably not going to be that bad regardless.)

My main debate is for character one that has my thief skills. I really want to rely a lot on traps and and breaking up fights into smaller groups and ambushing them. The annoying thing about traps, though, is having to rest all the time to get them back. Can someone give me some ideas on how many more traps a bounty hunter has, vs a swashbuckler, vs F/T - say midway to 3/4 way through IWDEE? For a 3 person party I'm pretty sure the F/T will be the most versatile, but since I don't care about backstabs, I'm still open to a swashbuckler or even a bounty hunter...especially if I'm loaded with a lot more traps so that I don't have to rest after every fight to get them back. From an RP perspective the swash or bountyhunter seems to fit, but I'm open to F/T if it's going to be "way" better to use.

For my main tank/healer/buffer .. thoughts on F/C vs Berzerker > Cleric (dual at 9?) vs F/D ?

Third slot I'm thinking F/M - which obviously can tank as needed with buffs, but primarily will be a caster, but work as a F for the trash fights. Also open to Sorceror.


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