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Armor Class in Heart of Fury Question (Spoilers)

therdretherdre Member Posts: 79
I'm doing a Heart of Fury run starting from level one, I'm right before the lich in the great forge. My front line is a Half-Orc Berzerker I've been using him to dual wield till now but he is getting destroyed in a few hits. If I put a shield on him with berzerker rage and buffs I can get his AC down to -15 but I still get ripped through like paper, should I even bother with a shield or is there an AC I can get him to that will make him be able to dodge a few hits?

My group is
Half Orc Berzerker
Human Undead Hunter (2-Handed Weapons/Crossbows)
Half Elf Cleric/Ranger
Half Elf Avenger
Gnome Illusionist/Thief
Human Fighter 13 dual to Mage (Mage is at level 11 currently) grandmaster longbows 3 points in axes


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,504
    even at -15 AC he should be dodging hits, I believe HoF mode gives enemies +6 to hit, so maybe its not physical attacks that are taking him out but perhaps spell damage?

    plus how are your HP looking? I think HoF mode also makes it so enemies do double damage, so if your max HP isn't that great then it wont be too hard for the enemy to take down your HP

  • therdretherdre Member Posts: 79
    It gets up to 175 atm with rage (he has the +10 hp neck) and 19 const. It seems to be physical damage the giants with 2 heads (entis?) are the worst I had some trouble with the drow as well. I've been mostly using summons to tank but they die very quickly too.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,504
    ah yes, ettins are nasty on that difficulty, they deal crushing damage, so if you have resistance to crushing, you should give those items to however is going into melee with those guys, plus in the area where you start fighting ettins and the blue myconoids there is a wizard to the top right of that map who sells some elemental summoning spells, try summoning in elementals to help soak up some damage, while your ranged characters tare it up from the back

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