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[Question] How to change dialogbox background image and fonts colors?

frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
I am already finished my cosmetic GUI mod for BG2EE v2+, but I cannot change the last thing - the dialogbox image background and font colors of that box. In the previous version, I changed GUWBTP.MOS or something like that, - and its worked fine. But now I have checked fields near 11730, and found no references on any MOS :( .
So how I can change that stuff?

Thanx for the answers.


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  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
    Cool thanx.

    How I can find this corresponding file for myself, without askin a question on forum next time?

    Is this *.PVRZ files can be modyfied same as *.MOS, with help of Nearinfinity? Crating image, than exporting to the *.PVRZ ?

    Okay, I will try.
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  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
    But the [i]rectangle 4[/i], and BOX5.PVRZ - the different numbers 4 and 5. Anyway I have managed (thanx to you) to change the DialogBox bagckground image (this is only a test version).


    But there is another problem, I have changed the all "text style" that I have found in stuff that connected to Dialog box:
    Line 11751,

    text { name "worldMessageBox" area 28 135 816 102 text lua "worldMessageBoxText" text style "CGuiMod" scrollbar 'GUISCRC' scrollbar func "chatboxScroll" }

    Line 11965 in,

    text { name "worldNPCDialog" area 84 22 749 38 text lua "worldNPCDialogText" text style "CGuiMod" scrollbar 'GUISCRC' }

    Number of line 11973 - Dialogbox stuff.

    text { name "worldDialogMessageBox" enabled "showWorldMessages" area 20 -124 813 124 text lua "worldMessageBoxText" text style "CGuiMod" scrollbar 'GUISCRC' scrollbar func "chatboxScroll" }

    Number of line 12023 - Dialog.

    text { area 0 0 -1 -1 text lua "getDialogEntryText(rowNumber)" text style "CGuiMod" }

    But without much of success as we can see. CGuiMod is a stuff, that I have created in BGEE.lua :

    CGuiMod = { color = 'Y', font = 'NORMAL', point = 12, valign = 'top', halign = 'left', useFontZoom = 1, }

    Which is represents "normal old-school" black font. But I have a hell no idea how to change that light-blue stuff for responses of guys. Will be good even left its light-blue but at least ad a dark borders, because it is hard to be distinguished from the background for now :( .
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    lefreut said:


    For the background image, this is set in with 'rectangle 4'. This correspond to the file box5.PVRZ.

    For the font color, you can use 'text color R G B A' in the text section you want to change.

    Do you know how I can modifiy *how* rectangle 4 pulls data from BOX5.pvrz? For example, in your mod, the border in BOX5.pvrz is 4 pixels wide, but when I replace it with a 6 px width border, only the 4 that overlap with the original coordinates will display. Rectangle 4 displays MOS v2 behavior, yet there's no "rectangle4.mos".

    Separately, for the center 192 x 192 grey transparency background in box5 that is used by rectangle 4, only a 2x2 grid of those 192^2 pixels are sampled to draw the rectangle.

    When I replaced your grey transparency rectangle with this texture (converted to pvrz using DXT5 by NI):

    I get this dialogue window behavior:

    Interestingly, the corners are correct 6 px width, while the vertical and horizontal linking sections (pulled from box5.pvrz I believe) are only the truncated 4 px width.

    I'll try replacing the rectangle 4 call in WORLD_DIALOG with my own .MOS. Maybe that's the solution.

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