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[Mac] Game Consistently Crashes When Walking Up Stairs in Tutorial (BG:EE)

Hi all. I have recently purchased BG:EE and just started trying to play it. I have not played the game before and so was excited to learn what the interest was all about.

I got the game to run smoothly and without any issues right up until Belt (the Tutorial Instructor) walks up the stairs where you are supposed to follow him (right after opening the Inventory screen). I have consistently gotten a "Game has unexpectedly crashed" notice and have been unable to progress further. I haven't seen any other posts regarding this issue.

If anyone has any insight on this issue, it would be much appreciated. Would love to delve into this game further and unfortunately feel prohibited from doing so. Thank you.


  • JetoraJetora Member Posts: 11
    edited February 2017
    Hi Mansfield, totally understand your frustration about having an exciting new game but not being able to play it! I had the same problem on a mac install, as have other mac users who purchased and installed the game directly from Beamdog.

    This is a known issue and addressed in the Beamdog trouble ticket log here:

    What happens during some mac installations (not all apparently) is that the installer should create a folder called Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition in the Documents folder. Instead it creates some kind of alias file there that the Save Files can't be saved to. So when you transition out of an area (like going up the steps in the Tutorial) and the game tries to auto-save, it can't and simply crashes.

    If this is the problem you're having, the solution is to drag that pseudo file to the Trash, and create a New folder in Documents called Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition. This totally resolved the crashing issue for me.

    Sadly, I'm now having a different problem, but hopefully you won't experience that one! :)

    Good luck and have fun!

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  • Mansfield546Mansfield546 Member Posts: 2
    Wow, that totally fixed the issue. Thank you so much for the simple and effective fix! :)

  • JetoraJetora Member Posts: 11
    So glad to hear that worked for you. Happy Adventuring!

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