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Imoen's Thief Skills in Siege of Dragonspear and BG2:EE - How Much?

ktchongktchong Member Posts: 37
Playing BG1:EE here. I am wondering what Imoen's final thief skills are in Siege of Dragonspear (and in BG2:EE) before she dueled to a mage. I want to assign her thief skills in BG1 EE to match with hers canonically for the sequels. I could not find any information on her BG:SoD or BG2 thief skills on the Internet.

Also, do Imoen's thief skills in BG:SoD match with hers in BG2:EE?



  • Artemius_IArtemius_I Member Posts: 2,002
    ktchong said:

    Also, do Imoen's thief skills in BG:SoD match with hers in BG2:EE?

    Oh you poor unknowing soul...

    Just kidding :p Imoen's not an available party member in SoD. In BG2 she's put 75 points in Open Locks, 85 in Find Traps, and 10 in Move Silently, Hide in Shadows and Pick Pockets.
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