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Happy second anniversary!

Celebrating 2 years since the last patch was released for BGIIEE for Mac (from the App Store)! This may sound cynical, but it was actually a good patch that was 15 months in the making, finally resolving the corrupt-your-save-game bug that rolled out onto all the other platforms just before the Mac original version shipped - that was a frustrating 15 month wait! Now we have version that works pretty well, is stable, and mostly has problems due to the OS updates in the meantime - the crash in the sound drivers on area transitions being most annoying.

It would be nice to get the new UI one day, but I am also happy that the other platforms are having an extended beta to iron out the bugs before it eventually comes to us. It would be nice to have a fix for the high melee APR after exhausting missile ammo bug, or the Saemon Havarian bug in Brynlaw - but mostly it was a solid release. Meanwhile, we get to play with the pre-nerfed version of the Poison Weapon, so there are definitely reasons to be cheerful :)

It is mildly frustrating to know that the patch is available on my platform, and has been out for almost a year for customers from other App stores, but Apple customers have got used to being second class citizens around here years ago, or stopped being customers. At least we are a in better position than iOS users, or owners of physical retail copies, with no clear upgrade path to turn to.

So while this may feel like a rant, I want to say a genuine thank you to BeamDog for bringing one of the all-time greats to my platform, and (finally) making it available to play in a relatively stable form. Even if we never get the 2.x series of patches, the 1.3 edition is extremely playable, and may be the last 'classic' release before the BeamDog rebalancing of the classic kits starts to irreversibly stamp their own feel on the game. As long as we get a new patch before any future macOS updates render the current version unplayable, I am happy, and I am hoping that will be a few years yet!

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