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Size of "Portraits" when REVEAL DETAILS is toggled on

RaimiRaimi Member Posts: 2
Apologies for my inability to find this information on my own as I'm sure in the years since release this has been addressed. For clarification, when I have toggled on REVEAL DETAILS, I noticed that the little UI box above each character displaying their name and Remaining HP/Max HP were sized differently for each character. At first, I assumed that the size of the box corresponded to the character's race, but I now have two halflings with the biggest box and the smallest, respectively. I'll spare you the myriad of theories I had and then debunked haha. So finally, what is the purpose of the differently sized boxes? Thanks in advance for reading, and biggest thanks for answering!


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,980
    edited February 2017
    Hi. Could you post screenshots that demonstrate the issue? The size does vary based upon the length of a characters name but that is it (though there is a known issue that happens when characters are moving).

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  • RaimiRaimi Member Posts: 2
    Totally. I thank you all the same though since simply knowing the official purpose of the different sizes of the boxes is enough to satisfy my curiosity. Looking at the behavior of the boxes now, I definitely see what you mean about the sizes corresponding to the length of the name. I just got Shar-Teel and comparing her box to my own (named Inti), the sizes line up. The next time I notice the boxes shifting though, I'll screen cap and post here; should be any hour now, I'm hooked to the game regardless of any issue.

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