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Mod to Romance Anomen as male?

It seems like the mod forum is more aimed at notices regarding updates rather than mod questions - sorry if I've misunderstood.

Can anyone point me to a simple mod so that I can romance Anomen while playing as a male? I'm aware his dialogue will still call me a woman - I'll get over that. From google searches I can find that such a mod seems to exist but I can't find anything specific about where such a mod is or how to use it.

Also, if anyone can point me towards one - do I need to restart my save file? I did find one post mentioning that the romance eligibility variables are determined when a new game is started so just adding a mod may not help.



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    Tweaks Anthology has components to allow anyone to romance anyone. I highly recommend checking out the modding topics, they are super helpful.

  • JoenSoJoenSo Member Posts: 907
    edited February 2017
    I know I've been able to start Aerie's romance with a female character using EEkeeper if you use that. It worked fine for me by just having the variables AERIEMATCH and AERIEROMANCEACTIVE set to 1. Anyone know if it causes any issues that I haven't noticed yet?

    I actually liked Aerie's romance more as a female character, as she has at least one female-only friendship banter with you that merged very well with the romance banters.

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