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I killed the slave girl from Hendak's quest...

BaphoBapho Member Posts: 3
Hey there,
Haven't played BG2 in a loooong time and now I finally wanted to finish it again - only this time with a purely evil party.
As my reputation was a little too high for my taste I decided to kill that little slave girl in the hendrak's questline ”Free Hendak and the Slaves”. I didn't know that she's actually the trigger to be able to finish the quest. I didn't really notice her importance.. :[
Now I progressed way further in the game and don't want to load a savegame before that.. ummm.. 'accident'.. so...
Is there a way to get her back?
I searched the internet for a console command for her but couldn't find anything helpful.

PS.: Yeah - I know. I'm a dork :s


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