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I'm thinking of creating a mod, need some advice.

tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,996
I know there are excellent resources and guides out there, not least of which is Kuylok's Branwen mod. However, I could use some information that I can't seem to find and would appreciate some input.

I plan to start small, of course. I'd add one small area, using existing artwork etc, and make a simple hack-and-slash. So far, so good. But I would like to build upon this to create a series of these culminating in a larger finale, with a quest wrapped around it. I would also like to add some kit/race/gender combination not seen in the games. At the same time, I do NOT want to step on an already finished mod. So:

1) Is there a definitive list of areas that have been added and the access points to those areas? No sense having overlapping caves, for example.

2) Is there a definitive list of kit/race/gender NPCs, joinable but otherwise, that already exist?

Thanks. If this doesn't work out, given how things are, I might just give over the ideas to the community at some point.

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