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I finished Siege of Dragonspear on normal mode finally

My first run, i played it in Story Mode. Just to get the layout of it. I Liked it... however Story Mode did cheapen the experience a bit. But i liked having Story Mode as a option regardless. Especially if i have to face Baldur's Gate 2 Throne of Bhaal Boss later.

Second time around... pretty challenging. Even being a Blackguard i still found myself hitting that re-load saves at times. The boss fight wasn't that hard as i though it would be in normal. Luckily i had Edwin with me to enchant my weapons to +3.
This run was pretty sloppy though. I didn't do all the quest and some where broken. Like when i finished the quest it wouldn't acknowledge i had i finished it. So im waiting for a patch for that.

Ps what happens to the Key Ring?? I wanted keep it in Baldurs Gate 2



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