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Duplicate spells in inventory

By this stage, as I begin Chapter 5, there are a lot of duplicated spells in my spell case. They are all restricted to my one mage who already has learned them. Should I sell them? does a mage ever lose or "forget" a spell once memorized?
Thanks. Gorris


  • BigfishBigfish Member Posts: 368
    A mage won't forget a spell once written in to their spell book unless you erase it yourself. Depending on the scrolls, they may be useful as fodder quick items to just burn through, like if you have a bunch of Magic Missile scrolls or Chromatic Orbs; stuff you don't normally use on easy enemies but may drop the generic enemies a bit faster. They also have the advantage of generally being cast like a level 6 wizard, so you'll always get 3 magic missiles when casting from a scroll. Usually they're enough fun to play around with unless you're talking touch spells or hard to aim stuff like color spray.

  • 00zim0000zim00 Member Posts: 264
    One thing to keep in mind also is the max spells you can learn per level, based on your Int.
    If you have 18 or lower int you could be limited between 18 or less spells per level. To get around this drink a potion that ups your int to 19 or higher, this will let you learn unlimited spells. Even if the potion ends you will still keep the spells in your spell book. Reason i mention this is that spells you dont know and can learn have a green outline around the scroll. However if you are at the max spells for that spell level it looks like a normal scroll as the game sees you cant learn any more regardless on if you know that spell or not.

    I like to always keep a potion of genius on my mage, save the game then drink it to see if there are any scrolls i dont know. If i know them all i just reload and so I can sell the scrolls without fear.

    As for selling them, you can pretty much sell them all without fear if you dont plan to get a different mage in your party. However I do tend to keep some specific scrolls for game play reasons in case i randomly need it. Those being, Dispel, Identify, detect good and evil, a resurrection scroll and protection from undead is always handy to. But if you usually just reload and rest before a new encounter that wont matter as much.

  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 358
    edited March 2017
    Yup as everybody else has said - feel free to sell them.

    I keep some scrolls handy because they're useful - on top of what O00zim00 mentioned, I like to keep these spells in reserve just in case:

    Magic Missile - sometimes you just need a magic missile in your life and maybe you didn't memorize enough of them.

    Protection from Petrification - you never know when you'll run into a basilisk, and the casting time is fast enough at least 1 person will be safe-ish.

    Remove Fear - just in case somebody hits you with a fear effect and your party is falling apart.

    Protection from Magic - take *that* mages.

    Protection from Fire - sometimes it's nice to fireball yourself, it's like being in a jacuzzi I'm told.

  • gorris75gorris75 Member Posts: 55
    Thanks for the help. Gorris

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