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Wild surge Dizzy is unblockable and undispellabe?

Hi guys,

This effect of the wild surges seems kind out of place for me.

I can't find a way to block/remove that dizzy, aka 100% spell failure debuff. Well, beside waiting for it to go off. So far i see that every debuff has some sort of protection against or at least a way to remove it or control it. Even Insect swarm and miscast magic(which also cause spell failure) can be blocked. But i can't find anything that helps against that impeccable spell failure.

Is there a way to combat it?

If not... well that seems like a game-breaker of sorts. A magic that is not affected by other magic?


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,327
    edited March 2017
    Nope, that surge is coded as 'nonmagical' with a power level of zero. With no spell school assigned. If it was coded as power level 1-4 could have been blocked by globes of inv. Or if it had a proper spell school, spell immunity could have protected. It is not set to 'dispellable' so it can not be dispelled or cured. Thus nothing can block or cure this miscast effect.

    You can use ctrl+r to help yourself, though.

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