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Having trouble with Walking Speed in Icewind Dale - EE (GoG Version)

KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 216
I noticed when I first booted up the game that everyone was moving way faster than they should, and for the life of me I can't find the config for this. I'm suspecting it is a frame rate issue...

Can anyone here point me in the right direction? (Hopefully these forums have not died yet, I don't see much activity on here anymore).
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  • KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 216
    edited March 9
    Just a follow up, I found out the problem. One of the Mods was causing the game to run faster than it should.

    Problem Component:
    For some reason the Adjust FPS was the probable cause as it automatically sets the game to run faster, I wouldn't put this on "Recommended" in my personal opinion as it makes Walking Speed Unnatural.
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