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Race Height/Size Comparison Charts (photos) for Baldur's Gate (AD&D 2nd Edition)

BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 345
I'm helping to work on a mod and I wanted to know what the relative sizes of the races were so that we could know for our writing. So using the 2nd Edition player's handbook's dice rolls for height and weight I created the following.

First here's the heights and weights for a PC, assuming their height and weight is average for their race (using the Player's Handbook for all the races except Drow and Half-Orc which I got from the Monstrous Manual and the Book of Humanoids).

Player Character is a Man

Halfling: 41" (3' 5") tall and 64.5 pounds.
Gnome: 41.5" (3' 5.5") tall and 84.5 pounds.
Elf: 60.5" (5' 0.5") tall and 106.5 pounds.
Half-Elf: 67" (5' 7") tall and 129.5 pounds.
Dwarf: 47.5 (3' 11.5") tall and 152 pounds.
Half-Orc: 66.5" (5' 6.5") tall and 168 pounds.
Human: 71" (5' 11") tall and 173 pounds.

Player Character is a Woman
Halfling: 39" (3' 3") tall and 60.5 pounds.
Gnome: 39.5" (3' 3.5") tall and 80.5 pounds.
Elf: 55.5" (4' 7.5") tall and 86.5 pounds.
Drow: 60" (5') tall and 107.5 pounds.
Half-Elf: 65" (5' 5") tall and 104.5 pounds.
Dwarf: 46.5" (3' 10.5") tall and 127 pounds.
Half-Orc: 64.5" (5' 4.5") tall and 128 pounds.
Human: 70" (5'10") tall and 133 pounds.

So using those, and pictures from Athlete by Howard Schatz I tried to find pictures of various athletes with a similar body-mass index to each character and then made some of the pictures bigger and smaller as necessary. In some cases I could not find any picture that really matched so I just picked the best one.

Pictures have been modified if I couldn't find anyone the right size (for example the athletes representing halflings, dwarves, and gnomes are all taller and some are thinner as well).

The athletes involved are:
Gnome: Dawn Ellerbe- hammer throwing
Drow: Tobey Gifford- sport aerobics
Half-Orc: Stacy Dragila- pole vault
Human: Stacey Sykora- volleyball
Half-Elf: Svetlana Khorkina- gymnastics
Elf: Tara Nott- weightlifting
Dwarf: Cheryl Haworth-weightlifting
Halfling: Connie Price-Smith- shotput

Gnome: Adam Nelson- shotput
Dwarf: Shane Hamman- weightlifting
Half-Orc: Brandon Slay- wrestling
Human: Dan O'Brien- decathlon
Half-Elf: Bob Kennedy- long distance running
Elf: Johnny Gray- running
Halfling: Vince Munoz- handball

Photos used without Howard Schwatz's permission, but I linked to both his website and his book on amazon so hopefully that makes up for it. Here they are again: The Book. The website.

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