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'Logging On = 1" in Baldur.lua?

whileNotZerowhileNotZero Member Posts: 6
edited March 2017 in Troubleshooting
I've been having a problem in SoD with the game crashing any time I rest, and also if I travel to any other location from my current location (Coast Way Crossing) and save and then load that new save. I have a lot of mods installed so I don't have much hope of somebody diagnosing my problem for me, but I've read that in the past people could look at their baldur.err file generated upon crashes by adding the line Logging On = 1 under Program Options in their Baldur.ini file.

I've tried adding the line SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Logging On','1') to my Baldur.lua file but it doesn't seem to generate an error log file. Is there a way to get an error log (other than the standard .dmp files which don't tell me anything useful for this crash)?

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