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modding bgee -- put files in data folder for bgee or in sod?

SweetMagooMagoodleSweetMagooMagoodle Member Posts: 40
Hi, I have played these games modded for years but I am revisiting now with SOD installed, and will be playing BGEE through the SOD interface. Question -- if I am modding for a BGEE - SOD run through, where do i install mods if I am using the SOD interface to play BGEE? I have a BGEE directory from an older install and a SOD directory, each with its own data folder.

Also, since it is has been a little while since I have done this, am I correct in general -- that when I mod I need to set up the file in the data file? The one with the number (like 00768 or something like that)?

Thank you.

As an aside, does anyone use the Big World modding system and is it worth it?



  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 9,048
    Run mods from the same folder that chitin.key is in.

    If you have SoD from Beamdog, then run all mods in the SoD game folder and play BGEE from within SoD.

    If you have SoD from steam or GOG, you need to run Modmerge first, and then I'm not sure how it works after that. Check out the stickied posts in the modding forum.

  • SweetMagooMagoodleSweetMagooMagoodle Member Posts: 40
    Thanks, @subtledoctor. I just posted a broader question in the general mods forum -- I used to be a BG expert but I have been away from the game and these forums for just two short years, and so much has changed, Feel lost at sea with the mods and the options now... EETriology? BWS? BW fix pack !?! Where to start -- used to just go mod by mod by mod...

  • KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 248
    edited March 2017
    1) Move to dlc folder (you will have to create the folder)
    2) Move Modmerge to Main Directory where the chitin.key is located
    3) Run Modmerge

    Then it should be done.

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