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My Hotel's as clean as an Elven arse!

KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 268
edited March 2017 in Off-Topic
As Winthrop says loudly behind me from his desk.

My Hotel's as clean as an Elven arse!

He keeps repeating more louder, and starts to affect my mind.

My Hotel's as clean as an Elven arse!

Soon I was losing my senses, and Winthrop starts to stomp towards me, and says...

My Hotel's as clean as an Elven arse!

What was this magic!? What was he doing to me!?

My Hotel's as clean as an Elven arse!

I ran up the stairs to get away from Winthrop, and I ran across the hall and locked myself up in the room occupied with a Nobleman.

The Nobleman says "Away with you Beggar!"

The Nobleman kicks me out, and soon Winthrop would soon spot me, I then locked myself up another room with a Nobleman.

Winthrop begins to stomp the hallway and says "My Hotel's as clean as an Elven arse!"

He was checking every room, and then he reached my room, I had no where to hide, I tried to hide behind the Nobleman who then says..

"Don't touch me! I might catch something..."

Soon Winthrop spots me, and says


I ask "why won't you leave me alone!?"

Winthrop all of a sudden says...

Every time you reload Candlekeep with all these damnable & buggy mods, you never complemented my hotel! ISN'T AS CLEAN AS AN ELVEN ARSE?

I quickly said "yes! yes it is!".

Good! Then be on your way!

Dumbfounded, I quickly left the hotel! Then all of sudden Winthrop comes up behind me, and says..


Then his Sprite Data corrupted, and disappears into the ether...

I walk into the hotel to wonder what happened, but then I see Winthrop..somehow back to his normal self like it never even happened...

To this day, this was dubbed the "Winthrop Incident".



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