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Announcing my playthrough

Gard_StureGard_Sture Member Posts: 14
Salutations, fellow adventurers.

I have decided to create a thread for my playthrough, where I will try my very best to roleplay my character. I plan to write updates from the journal that belongs to the character I play as. This is very much inspired by the YouTuber Sorcerer Dave and a fellow forum user named O_Bruce.

How frequent the updates will be are uncertain, since I am not sure how much time will I have to play.

I will most likely do one playthrough at a time, to avoid situation in which, for example, I am forced to install and uninstall current mods just to do update on other playthorugh.

So, in a few days time I will begin with...

The diaries of Reynaldo!

Stay tuned.

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