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What should I do with my 3-rd warrior?

Usually I have a plan for my characters but this time I created 5 characters (warrior berserker with double sword, warrior dwarf defender with an axe and shield, mage, cleric with morgenstern and a bard) and I was in rush when creating 6-th party member so I simply created third warrior with an axe.

None of my characters can use neither bow nor crossbow, only bard knows how to throw axes :) So I'm level 3 now and started to wonder what to do with my 3-rd warrior. Should I keep leveling him as yet another axe wielder or should I start giving him some points to range weapons (he has now 2 points in axes and 2 points in sword&shield) or should I go dual class (only thief and cleric is possible for him).

He's stats:
strenght: 18
dexterity: 18
constitution: 18
inteligence: 10
wisdome: 18
charisma: 5

++ axes
++ sword&shield



  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,348
  • NightingaleNightingale Member Posts: 59
    As of this moment, the only thing you are currently missing is a thief. I'd level as a fighter until you get a few proficiency points in a backstab eligible weapon of your choice (I've heard longswords are fairly solid, though it might be difficult to find a good spare one, given your dual-wielding Berserker) and then dual-class to a thief. With the thief's level progression, it shouldn't take long to regain your fighter levels. You'll be both sturdier and more proficient with your weapons than a standard thief, and given that you will continue to gain thief levels, you'll have the flexibility of being either a backstabber or a trap thief depending on the needs of the moment.

  • VangelVangel Member Posts: 5
    Great, thank you both for replies. At which point would it be best to go dual-class? As for now I have 2 points in axes so it will take some time to get points in longswords for example. 3 points should be enough? Waiting for 4 or 5 would mean a long time for this character to cach up with thief level.

  • sigofmugmortsigofmugmort Member Posts: 6
    The best dual-classing from Fighter are level (proficiency point), Level 7 (proficiency point plus higher attack rate), level 9 (proficiency point)and level 13 (same as for level 7)
    with 2 other Fighters I suggest Level 3 dual

  • WesboiWesboi Member Posts: 403
    Depends how far and what game mode your going to end up on.

  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 489
    I'd also suggest dualing this extra fighter into thief after a while. Given the thief XP table, my suggestion would be dualing at 7 - that should put you in Dragon's Eye, right when you'll need all the disarm trap you can get.

    As for weapons, I don't believe you can backstab with axes so while that spec will be helpful once you hit Yxunomei (I ran across no less than three axes that could hit her last time I went through, including a returning thrower) if you're going to use your FT as a stealth smiter you'll want some sort of sword spec.

  • VangelVangel Member Posts: 5
    Again, thanks for useful informations. I'm playing on normal difficulty but I always do everything that is possible so I think I should earn enough exp to dual this third fighter on level 7 (he's now level 3 and I'm in a middle of Shadow Valley).

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