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Faldorn Challenge Won't Initiate (with mods)

Hello all!

I've done a bunch of previous play throughs of BG2 and was looking for more of a challenge. So I installed some mods! I'm trying of the tactics mod. the tweaks mod, and I think that's it. I am playing on Multiplayer as I wanted to create three characters as sort of an in between soloing and full party.

I've been going along having a good time, wiping out all the trolls in nalia's castle, and then moved on to Cernd/Trademeet druid quest. I have made it all the way to Faldorn, but ... the challenge won't initiate. The only dialogue option I ever get is "Perhaps we could make a deal? ..." I have Cernd in my party as the only druid.

Any thoughts? Any insights? Anyone see this before?


  • NightingaleNightingale Member Posts: 59
    By chance, were you approached by that druid that normally pops up the first time you enter the druid grove? The one who explains what's been going on within the druid hierarchy? He has a tendency to stall actually showing up on the map and I remember that during one playthrough, I was unable to tell Cernd what was going on in the forest (despite having been attacked by two druid parties claiming allegiance to Faldorn) specifically because that man hadn't spoken to me yet. Perhaps that's the problem? If so, try resting outside the sacred grove. That may cause him to spawn upon awakening.

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 345
    If you installed the multiple strongholds part of the tweak mod then you can challenge Faldorn yourself even if you are not a druid. As Nightingale says there is a Druid that is supposed to appear and speak to you in the outside area of the Grove and when you mention Cernd he indicates his relief that someone is on the case. If he hasn't interacted with your party (doesn't always show up at the same place/time) you may need to look around the Druid Groves outside area. To initiate the combat you should just need to walk up your Bhaalspawn to Near Faldorn and not Cernd. 1st time i switched to multiple strongholds i noticed the change from being Cernd to Charname needing to initiate.

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,084
    I have had this happen exactly once, from what I remember. Everything going as always, but somehow it never gets to the challenge part. I cannot for the life of me remember how I fixed this... But it's very possible that you simply missed a trigger when you entered the area, e.g. because you moved away too quickly or whatever. You should try finding the druid, maybe he's still there? Alternatively, you could probably spawn him with the console and hope that the trigger resumes...

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