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SoD Collectors Edition Pictures and a short review

I was very happy to finally receive a copy of the long awaited collectors edition this morning.

I thought I'd post a few thoughts on all the nice goodies that come with it as a short review

Full Contents

Box: Its really thick and nice quality. I thought it would jusr be flimsy cardboard, but it isnt, it feels really nice to slide open, and wont damage easily

Field Guide: Really nice quality booklet, which is incredibly well written and contains a lot of backgrounds stuff. You should definitely read this, its one of the most unappreciated things about SoD

Heads you die

To show thickness.

The Coin feels heavy and nice. Definitely metal rather than plastic. One warning I would give is that if you choose to remove it fron the book cover, it doesnt stick back on very easily. There is a glue patch in the indentaion but it loses its stickability

Pendant: It's actually quite small. Only the front is carved nicely as shown. Although it is nice and heavy and made of metal, I thought the size was a little too small. In addition, the elastic string that it came with is very short, which makes it hard to fit around my head (or anyone's head) which was disappointing

The dice and bag. The dice are decent quality, although i would say nothing special that you couldnt pick up at your local games store.
I found the bag to be more exciting than the dice themselves. It is thick black felt with elastic drawstring, with the SoD logo on it. Its a little on the small side, but it fits all the dice quite nicely. The pouch could be useful as a roleplaying prop too

This is just amazing! Fantastic quality, really nicely bound with metal rings. Gorgeously illustrated and genuinely useful. It contains a lot of information that even relatively experienced players may not be aware of. Congratulations to the person or people who wrote it (I think it was @Dee but there may be other contributors)
The adventurers guide is definitely my favourite part of the collectors edition (closely followed by the field guild)

The map I was pleasantly surprised with. I wasnt expecting that much, butIt seems to be a pretty decent quality, which didnt come across so well in the promotional materials. It is quite thick and a reasonable size to hang on your wall (which I have already done)

Finally, the game box itself. Which contains the game disk (obviously)

Also a quick reference guide, which I found actually works well as a DM screen

In addition, the box contains 2 sound track CDs, One for the original game and one for SoD. I didnt realise that this was the case (im sure it was talked about in the promotional materials, it just hadn't clicked for me)

As you can clearly see, the discs have been forged from lustrous mythril and powerfully enchanted by elder wizards with the power to dazzle the undead

And finally a thank you card which I thought was a nice touch.

In summary, I was overall pleasantly surprised by the collectors edition. In particular, the 2 books (and the box itself) are really awesome

Amazing Tier:
Adventurer's Guide
Field Guide
The Collectors edition box itself

High Tier:
Metal Coin
Cloth Wall Map
Cloth Pouch
Music CDs

Mid Tier:

Disappointing Tier:

Thanks to the wonderful folks who put this together and who generously sent me a copy.



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