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Multiclass "Great Druid"

ÆthelwulfÆthelwulf Member Posts: 3
I recently completed the druid stronghold quest with my fighter/druid. I expected my character page to show his classes as being both fighter and great druid, but I noticed that both classes now show "Great Druid", so it is showing him as a Great Druid/Great Druid now. Is this normal? Will I still gain levels as a fighter now that "fighter" is not listed on his page anymore?

It now shows:

Great Druid: Level 14
Experience: 1502860
Next Level: 1750000

Great Druid: Level 14
Experience: 1502860
Next Level: 3000000

Is this normal or a glitch? When I reach 1750000 exp will it still be as though I leveled up as a fighter?

I am mainly wondering whether this is more than simoly a change in title, and whether it messed up my fightr/druid multiclass, and I need to reload previous save and skip the druid stronghold to avoid it or not


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