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Multiclass "Great Druid"

ÆthelwulfÆthelwulf Member Posts: 6
I recently completed the druid stronghold quest with my fighter/druid. I expected my character page to show his classes as being both fighter and great druid, but I noticed that both classes now show "Great Druid", so it is showing him as a Great Druid/Great Druid now. Is this normal? Will I still gain levels as a fighter now that "fighter" is not listed on his page anymore?

It now shows:

Great Druid: Level 14
Experience: 1502860
Next Level: 1750000

Great Druid: Level 14
Experience: 1502860
Next Level: 3000000

Is this normal or a glitch? When I reach 1750000 exp will it still be as though I leveled up as a fighter?

I am mainly wondering whether this is more than simoly a change in title, and whether it messed up my fightr/druid multiclass, and I need to reload previous save and skip the druid stronghold to avoid it or not


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 5,242
    The Druid stronghold is known to be a little buggy. I believe the title is just cosmetic and it shouldn't affect your fighter levels. If you are worried about it though, you can use EEKeeper to make make sure your class is set to "Fighter/Druid"

  • ÆthelwulfÆthelwulf Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the response, I am playing on iPad so can't use ee keeper, unfortunately. If i were on pc I would simply level my character up to test whether I gain fighter levels or not.

    Still interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this and how it affected leveling up,

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,523
    I had the same situation once and besides the fact that your class name's replaced by Great druid it works just fine

  • ÆthelwulfÆthelwulf Member Posts: 6

    This post is a tad old now, but wanted to update that you are correct. I leveled normally as both a fighter and a druid, and the title affected only what was displayed as my class in the character screen. Perhaps this is done to prevent getting the fighter stronghold as well? Nalia did not aknowledge my character as a fighter when I tried.

  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 353
    @Æthelwulf That's because you can have only a single stronghold in a single playthrough. With no mods included.

  • ÆthelwulfÆthelwulf Member Posts: 6
    I know this. My point was that perhaps showing "Great Druid" for both classes is part of a mechanism that flags your character as not being a fighter in order to prevent this. Maybe not, though. I'm not a programmer, so don't really know anything about how that is done.

  • ÆthelwulfÆthelwulf Member Posts: 6
    That being said, I think in the past there were exploits that allowed one to have two..

  • dac0152dac0152 Member Posts: 39
    edited June 2017
    It's because it's actually a spell that sets your class name as Great Druid. If you look at it in NearInfinity, it shows that it's supposed to override your current class title.

    So for a Multiclass Druid, both of your classes are your current class so it changes both of them. If you were a Fighter->Druid Dual, then just your Druid class would be changed and it would show correctly. You might be able to play around in NI to see if you could fix the spell and then cast it again, but I'm not sure. It's spell SPIN722.

    EDIT: Added pic for example.

    Post edited by dac0152 on
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