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[Android] [ID:EE] Performance Issues with Sidebar

ThyrskallThyrskall Member Posts: 2
Ahoy fine folks,

I was wondering whether you guys could help me with the following problem: I play Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on my unrooted Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T813N) from 2016.

Whenever I activate the right sidebar I experience a severe framerate drop in game up to the point when the game becomes sluggish and the animations kinda like slow motion. However, as soon as I fold the right sidebar it runs smooth and steady. And the left sidebar seems to have no effect on the performance whatsoever.

After a few minutes of trial and error, the framerate drops apparently only occur if I have more than three party members in my group and unfold the right sidebar, displaying more than three character potraits consequently. Three or less characters seem to have no effect on the framerate, regardless of a folded/unfolded sidebar or current area/level I'm in.

So is that to be expected due to the hardware of the tablet? Or is there anything I could do to improve on it?

Thanks in advance for your input!


  • ThyrskallThyrskall Member Posts: 2
    According to the Beamdog Customer Support:

    "Unfortunately, we are aware of this issue, it has to do with the older game and compatibility with newer devices. We haven't found out anything that is specifically causing this outside of that the game just needs to be worked on and updated, which we are working on but do not have an ETA available."

    Just FYI should anyone else be affected.

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