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Character unaffected by haste or boots of speed

moominatamoominata Member Posts: 10
UPDATE -- I figured out the problem... Abdel is wearing Edventar's Gift -- a ring that makes the wearer immune to any spells that affect movement such as slow or haste... duh...

Should I leave this post up in case it helps anyone else, or take it down?

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For a while now my lead guy Abdel is unaffected by the haste spell, or the cheetah boots he's wearing. He's not carrying too much stuff, and he has a bag of holding so it's not that. When I cast haste everyone else speeds up but he just plods along usual speed. I can't figure out if it's something he's wearing, I've read the descriptions of all his gear and nothing says anything about slowing him down or making him magic resistant. Any ideas?
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