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BG2EE: Viconia Causes Game to Crash Upon loading OH4010 (Part of Rasaad's BG2 Quest)

ReddbaneReddbane Member Posts: 221
edited March 2017 in Troubleshooting
Reddbane said:

(the scene in question is a area loaded after leaving the abandoned amphitheater, where Rasaad is confronted by some Sun Soul Monks.)
Granted my BG game is heavily modded, so one of my mods probably caused the original problem, but I know how to use Near Infinity if I can find the element that caused the original crash. I have the crash report, but I don't know how to open it, let alone read it.
Does anyone have experience with the microsoft dump files for game crashes.
I know I could skip the scene with the correct global flags, but I would really just like to find out what is exact thing is causing the crash.

So for some Reason Viconia being in my Party is causing the problem. Kicking her out of the Party and the Crash does not happen, kicking anyone else out of the party but keeping Viconia and the game still crashes. Anyone have any idea why this might be happening.

I tried getting rid of all her local flags in EEkeeper: game still crashes. I tried changing the global flags to match a save file in which I've kicked her out of the party: game still crashes. I tried getting rid off any effects on her effects page: game still crashes. I tried changing her Script name and her ID number: game still crashes.

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