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Dark souls and D&D connections

brusbrus Member Posts: 944
edited March 2017 in Off-Topic
Now that Souls are over, I've gathered some connections between Souls franchise and D&D.
  1. Dragons and dungeons (well obviously)

  2. Dark souls covenants and D&D alignments

  3. Killer mimic and chest mimic

  4. Sigil: the City of Doors and Ringed City

    Sigil: the City of Doors

    Ringed City

  5. Lolth ( goddess of the Drow/spider queen) and Chaos Witch Quelaag





  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    Oh, so many things. I might add more later, but how about a separation of clerical and wizardly spells. Most modern RPGs seem to not have this anymore.

  • jjstraka34jjstraka34 Member Posts: 9,806
    The thing about Dark Souls (especially the first one) is that it is as much rooted in the tradition of something like Greek Mythology as it is in D&D. During the first game you are really going on the fantasy RPG version of the Illiad or the Odyssey. The foes you confront are, for the most part, god-like, and even seeing them appear before you for the first time is almost unreal. Even though it is heavily rooted in a D&D-like fantasy world, Dark Souls feels like you are participating in a great myth.

    That said....Sen's Fortress is in the great tradition of the Tomb of Horrors. If we are talking about the whole series, the Mindflayers in the Tower of Latria in Demon's Souls are a straight, 100% rip (and I think most people who have played D&D before might be far less impressed or terrified by these guys than those who haven't, I knew exactly what they'd likely do). Dark Souls also has possibly THE best iteration of a crypt I've ever seen. The Catacombs and Tomb of the Giants goes SO far down you almost start to feel suffocated by it. And the skeletons in these games are just the best, straight out of Ray Harryhausen.

  • BelleSorciereBelleSorciere Member Posts: 2,125
    TBH I love Harryhausen skeletons.

    And I agree with everything @jjstraka34 wrote.

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