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Utility to edit item text

Hello all,

I'm an old BE fan just getting back into the game, and I discovered for the first time all the mod potential.
Now specifically, what i'm doing is importing the Siege of DragonSpear items into BG2ee. I have successfully imported them with 'NearInfinity' and they work, but what I need to do now is edit just the text (unidentified/identified name and description), without changing existing strings of game content. Currently their effects and pictures are correct, but their text is whatever BG2ee has in the target string, instead of what SoDS had in the same string number.

What is the best program to do this with? I looked around at quite a few things, and it seems that WEIDU can allow this, but the walkthrough on how to install it was beyond my programming knowledge. I found an old 2009 TEamBG 'Item Override Editor v.1.3.9 ' and 'Item Text Maker v.1.0.1', but the download link was dead. Basically, I just want to add text to the existing new items in the 'override' folder, perhaps by creating new strings of description to point them at? Or perhaps by some other trick.

I'm new to this sort of program, though i'm familiar with computers (IT but not a programmer).

Any help appreciated.


  • QuickbladeQuickblade Member Posts: 959
    Near Infinity can do it (Edit->dialog.tlk). You'd add new blank strings, edit them, then point the items at those strings.

    Pretty sure DLTCEP can do it somehow. I don't know how though, I use it for checking dialog structures and conversations and item/spell mechanical edits, not string editing.

    WeiDU is preferable for being able to make REVERSIBLE changes to the dialog.tlk files in case you screw up or reinstall or share it as a mod (among everything else it can do).

  • XzanahXzanah Member Posts: 145
    @Chrispy8534 I would recommend DLTCEP, since all you need to do in order to modify an item (or make a new one) is opening the EDIT>Items tab. Load an ingame item, and click the Description tab, and edit to your heart's content!

    NOTE: Never forget on DLTCEP's first launch to change the Settings. On the top right, click Settings>Read Only and then Settings>Save Settings in order to modify files and save them.

    Happy Modding!


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