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[PETITION] Holliday skins for the other characters

ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
Annah has a skimpy leprechaun outfit for St. Patrick's Day, Morte can be turned into a (terrifying) Easter Egg.
The other's need outfits, too.

I don't care who gets what, just do it, the game will better for it, trust me.


PS: April Fools, in case it wasn't obvious :tongue:

[PETITION] Holliday skins for the other characters 20 votes

Weeee! *Thows Christmas decorations everywhere*
SethDavislefreutAvenger_teambgButtercheeseSam_Balrog99TeflonNimranBillyYankbillbiscotaclaneGenderNihilismGirdle 12 votes
I am an atheist and I am offended.
smeagolheartAedanDetectiveMittenscmk24FinneousPJsmady3CrevsDaaktherdre 8 votes
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